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I get lots of questions about how I curl my hair and its so easy that I have to share with you too. I just learned how a few months ago so I've been doing it non stop! My hair is normally impossible to curl since its stick straight and super thick so I was ecstatic when I figured all this out. Its a whole new world!
First you want to have a good curling wand. Regular curling irons work for most people but not me. Curling wands are way easier to use and a million times faster! I use the Remington T|Studio Silk Ceramic Pro Styling Elliptical Wand. The barrel isn't round but an oval/rectangle instead. 
It is $18 at target! It goes up to 410° and locks so you won't change the heat setting or turn it off while you're curling.

Since I recently cut all my hair off, my cousin is the woman in these pictures.
Thanks Felicia! Lookin' good!

Brush through your hair well. Separate into four sections, top and bottom, left and right. 

Now take the Sea Salt Hair Spray and spray generously through the section you're starting with. The bigger the section the more loose the curl will be so depending on the style you want part your first piece. I like to have "Victoria's Secret Angel" curls, haha I know my friends are laughing at me for that one, so I twirl the piece of hair a bit so its not all laying flat directly on the wand.
Always, always, always curl the front pieces AWAY from your face. It looks more natural.
Hold for 5-10 seconds then your done!
You can let the curl fall into your palm and hold it up for a few seconds afterward too. That'll give you a longer lasting curl.

Repeat all the way through your hair.
On the top layers I start to curl a bit farther down on my head. I prefer it, again, because it looks more natural. Shocker!
After I curl my whole head I like to let it sit for a few minutes to cool down. Then I get some coconut oil and run my fingers through my hair coating it with the oil and combing out my curls a bit. It gives it an amazing shine and of course coconut oil is sooooo good for your hair!

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