Our Shopping List

"Don't go grocery shopping hungry"
 is the best piece of advice. Every time we do we end up spending more than we wanted to and have hardly any groceries.

In our house there is always peanut butter and jelly. Seriously I mean always. Ok this is tecnically two items but whatever. I used to think I couldn't get sick of it but boy oh boy was I wrong! Its great to have just in case though. Almond butter is an amazing substitute for those that are allergic to/don't like peanuts! If you don't feel like cooking, are running late or simply just need to go shopping a pb&j is perfect. Not to mention its super cheap.

Next is spinach.
We have spinach in all our salads! Its so so good for you and delicious obviously. We also add it to our homemade alfredo sauce sometimes! I'm getting hungry thinking about it. I'll have to ask daniel if I can post his recipes. I'm probably one of the few women in the world who's husband is handy around the house and an amazing cook.
Ok enough about daniel...

Third is pasta.
Pasta is something most people usually have stocked up on. Aside from a traditional sauce and pasta dish, we love to make soup and mac & cheese.

Fourth is something I can't live without.
I am completely in love with it. I use it for everything from baking or pan frying anything to hair care and as a moisturizer. If you haven't heard me rave about it on Facebook already you've got to read this post dedicated to it. You will be amazed! We got ours at Trader Joe's but most Whole Foods have it too. Or you can check online to see if you can get a big tub of it. That's my next move for sure. 

Fifth and final is yogurt.
I used to hate it. Before getting pregnant I would roll my eyes at the ladies ordering a yogurt at Starbucks. I always thought it was gross but I just hadn't found the right one. Its a quick breakfast or snack and packed with vitamins! We give Greyson some of our Whole Milk French Vanilla yogurt in the morning. I can't remember the brand now. Its safe to say he's a fan. The other day he was "feeding himself" which consisted of rubbing yogurt all over his body with one hand while scooping some into his mouth with the other. The other kind we love is Wallaby Vanilla Bean. It tastes like ice cream. Need I explain why that is amazing?

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