Hello December

Happy belated thanksgiving everyone.

I hope you enjoyed eating way too much and spending time with family. We sure did.
We had the most delicious turkey EVER! I'm not kidding. We literally ate it for every meal and snack. Daniel made the worlds most delicious cheesecake so you can bet I'll be asking for that again asap. I did my best to hog all of the stuffing, as usual, and Greyson had a blast playing with his aunts, uncles and cousins.
We have so much to be thankful for and the list continues to grow.
Here's our thanksgiving chalkboard.

It is officially December!
Woooo hooo!
We're kicking off the month with somewhat of a celebration. My best friend is visiting today! And we'll be watching the Pats play then follow it up with drinks and a steak dinner.
Sounds just about perfect.
Well now Daniel can't stop me from blasting Christmas music and talking about Santa 24/7.
This week we'll be getting our tree, putting up decorations and of course getting our very own Elf on a shelf!
I've been brainstorming for some Christmas traditions to start. What do you do?

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