Merry Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas Eve everyone!
If you're anything like me you are counting down the minutes until "Santa" gets here tonight. We are very excited for the jolly old man to make a pit stop at our house this year.
Greyson has opened a few things from family so far and has loved it all! As you can imagine the wrapping paper was the most fun part.
I threw together this chalkboard for our Christmas Eve celebration last night.

We are headed to Daniel's family's house to celebrate a very Puerto Rican Christmas. Which means delicious food, coronas, dominoes and great company. Win win win!
But seriously we can't wait to see everyone.
I love seeing Greyson with all of his cousins.
 Even today of all days we had a big mess by the kitchen this morning which brings me to this quick little DIY.
All Natural Carpet Spot Cleaner!
Daniel was enjoying a blueberry protein shake when Greyson ever so kindly kicked it out of his hand to share it with the carpet.
Our regular spot cleaner for our pup, Coby, didn't work so I had to find something quick.
Here's what I got for ya!

Sprinkle baking soda over the area
Wait 10 minutes
Mix - 1tblsp dishsoap , 1tblsp vinegar, 2 cups warm water
Sponge on area
Blot until the stain disappears

Hopefully this works for you too. To clean up your little ones Christmas messes :)
Be safe and have fun.
Feliz navidad!

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