Oh, Christmas tree!

Merry Christmas!
There is officially 9 days until Christmas!
We are finishing up our shopping and enjoying every minute of Greyson taking in the holiday. We cut down our own tree this year! When I say we I really mean Daniel cut it down with this small saw and I observed, haha. 
We decided that would be our very own, first, Christmas tradition. The whole thing was super cool. We went to Mistletoe Farms in Stow, MA. The family there was super sweet and very helpful. We walked through the fields for a while and finally picked this one!

I know its not straight and the shape is weird but we brought it home with all its imperfections and made it perfect!
(Before and after trimming.)


Greyson hasn't cared about the tree much. He grabbed an ornament once but that's all. He likes to stare at it when its lit up though.
This week Greyson will be meeting Santa Claus and have their picture taken together!
I'm crossing my fingers hoping he won't scream the whole time.
We listen to festive music all day and Grey loves to dance to it. Jingle bells is by far a family favorite.
All this snow calls for classic Christmas movies and extra hot cocoa mix. The mix we use is  Silly Cow Chocolate Truffle.
Its about $5 at Whole Foods I think and its all natural, of course!
I don't measure out an exact amount per cup but about two spoonfuls does the trick

Daniel and I are looking forward to Christmas Eve with family and the delicious treats that'll be there. We're both making our own to bring so I'll make sure to post those recipes for you. Until then I've got presents to wrap and snow angels to make! 

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