Recipe: Kale Chips

First off, Kale is so crazy good for you.
If you haven't read up on the benefits I suggest you do so.
There are a few different kinds to choose from but I normally use two kinds.
Lacinato Kale, also known as Tuscan or Dino Kale, is pretty flat, leathery and a blue-green color.
Curly Kale. That's pretty self-explanatory. Its got tight, ruffled like leaves and a bit more bitter taste. Once you bake Kale though its pretty much all the same anyway.
I prefer Curly Kale just because I can get it cheaper. It comes in a bag at Trader Joe's, organic, already cut and dried ( although you'll still have to remove some stems) for around $3.50. As for Lacinato Kale I've only found fresh and as you can imagine a fresh bundle is a little more pricey.

What you'll need
Olive oil
Salt or seasoning
Large bowl
Baking sheet(s)

Steps 1-6
1. Start by cutting all of your stems off, and then cutting your kale into 2x2 inch pieces.
(If you purchased fresh kale you'll need to wash and dry it all before cutting.)
2. Transfer all kale to your large bowl, sprinkle olive oil over it until. The amount of oil used is up to you. I never measure this so I'd say maybe about 2oz? Toss the kale for a minute or so to make sure there's an even coating of oil on it all.
3. Lay out on your baking sheet(s). You want to make sure its all an even one layer. You don't want it piled up.
4. Now sprinkle your kale with salt or the seasoning of your choice. I normally use just salt but yeast seasoning is also really good!
5. Bake on 300° for 15 minutes or until you feel its crispy enough for your liking.
6. Let sit for 2 minutes to cool and serve!

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