Exploring Boston

Since Daniel and I are both from Boston we want Grey to know and love it like we do.
The past two weekends we've started taking him on adventures. Everyone has a blast and its great to get outside with the weather being a bit warmer.

The Museum of Science was our first stop. We scored free tickets from a neighbor so that was wonderful! Nothing beats free :)
It was tough to get Daniel out of the Human Life exhibit. He LOVED it, Grey not so much.
Although Greyson was very well behaved through most adult exhibits, so as he started going crazy when we saw a monkey we thought it was appropriate to let him run wild like one. He followed that monkey back and forth for a good 10 minutes. Then we checked out their skeletons. Hard to say if he was fascinated or freaked out.
That lasted all of two minutes because then saw a cute girl walked by so he had to say hello, of course. Typical.

The Boston Commons was beautiful yesterday. We let Grey walk around with us and he couldn't have been happier about it. Cracks in the cement seriously messed with him though. He'd be walking along merrily then suddenly a crack in the ground! Uh oh. He would stand still with both feet together, right in front of it just pointing in udder confusion. We had to walk across them to show him it was ok. Haha. The little things in life.
We saw a horse, dogs everywhere, to which he would point and say dog aka "daahhg", and a squirrel. Greyson tried to run to the squirrel. Clearly that didn't turn out how he'd hoped.
Lesson learned: squirrels are faster than babies. Sorry Grey.
I, as usual, took some pictures of Daniel and Grey because I don't have enough. (SARCASM)

Next up..
New England Aquarium
The Children's Museum
Fenway for a Sox game!

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