Easter Attire

Last Easter we didn't celebrate properly.
Daniel was working, Grey was about 9 weeks old and I simply didn't feel up for celebrations.
I'm pretty sure we ordered take out and watched a red box movie. How's that for tradition?
This year though, we're going to celebrate with some of my family and I'm very excited about it!
Now that we have plans I've been all over shopping for outfits.

Here's some ideas I have for Grey

Best part about all of these items is their price. Who doesn't love saving money right?!
Finding adorable outfits for him is always easy. I'm positive everything looks cute when it is that tiny.
Dressing myself is the hard part. Spring is probably my least favorite season because the weather can be so difficult. I'll be freezing in the morning and sweating like crazy by noon. Ugh! End rant.
I want to be comfortable since we'll be in the car for a while and most likely eating tons of food. I'm going with a maxi for the best of both worlds. Might pair it with  a crop jean jacket and chunky bright necklace so I don't look so dressed down. Oh and with sandals of course. I'm not into heels at all these days. Every time I wear a pair it seems impossible to chase grey around in them, even if its just in the house. Do moms and heels go together? The answer for me right now is hell no.

On another note, does anyone do an Easter basket for their husband? I was thinking it'd be cute for him to have a little basket next to Grey's in the morning. Maybe I'll out some scratch tickets, nips and snacks in it? We'll see. As for Greyson's Easter basket I have a million ideas.
I've narrowed it down to not costing me a million dollars, thank god.
We're giving him his first baseball cap, a soccer ball, a life vest for the pool, cars (duh) and new books. At first trying to come up with anything to put in their seemed like the most difficult task I had to date. I was just stumped, like what do you give a one year old in an Easter basket?! My favorite part of mine was always the candy but we haven't introduced him to it just yet so that's a no no. Plus we already have a tough time getting him to sleep at night so I don't want to throw a bunch of sugar into that mix. He used to be such a good sleeper and now its so tough. HE probably wakes up 2-3 times a night which is a huge improvement actually because it used to be 6-10. Daniel and I thought we would literally never actually get to close our eyes again. For us co-sleeping is  wonderful but now becoming increasingly more difficult as he grows. He may sleep well for hours then once we're in bed he thinks its time to wake up and play. I've looked into alternatives for sleeping arrangements that don't include him crying for hours and there's not much really. He would sleep in his toddler bed but because he rotates in his sleep, the bed is too small. We're going to switch his bed to the full size, buy him a queen size bed like ours and put those inflatable bumpers on each side under his sheets. Wish us luck!

Hoppy Easter!

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