22 weeks!

22 is my lucky number so something great must happen this week! Probs not cause I the worst luck of all time but here's to hoping! 
I caught a nasty cold at the beginning of the week so I'm pretty miserable right now. I can't breath out of my nose and my throat is so raw and sore from coughing. Oh and of course I can't sleep because of it! Plus Greyson has been waking up every night morning at 345 wide awake and wanting to run around. I have to chase him a few times before he'll take a bottle and go back to bed. This seems to be the time that I actually get to fall into a deep sleep too. I've been drinking peppermint tea non stop and also lemon water. Something has got to cure me soon. I don't take medication for anything so I'm not going to while pregnant of course. A lot of people have said to take x, y & z but I don't feel comfortable. Any mommas have natural cold remedies for during pregnancy? I could sure use one.
Aside from sounding like Darth Vadar I have been great! I found an exciting cupcake recipe that I just cannot wait to make. Hint: they are cinnamon coffee cake cupcakes. AH! Seriously, I know. Daniel loves coffee cake so he'll definitely like these. I'll make them later this week and share with you all.
So I told you we signed Grey up for My Gym classes right? If not, whoops1 But we did. I'll post all about the gym with some info for you. So far we're super happy that we joined. Earlier this week we were at a class and there was a 2 week old baby girl sitting on the sidelines and she was just too cute. Greyson was so interested in her too which makes me hopefully that he'll love to help with his baby sister. He would play with something then run over to check on the baby. Haha. How cute right?! He wanted to hug her so bad! He made a million air hugs at her and kept reaching out but I didn't want him and his million germs disrupting that sweet baby girl's nap. Seeing a newborn gave me the worst baby fever though. Now I'm incredibly impatient to meet my princess. I tell Daniel probably a hundred times a day how anxious I am to meet her and see who she'll look like. Grey looked a lot like me as a newborn but with each passing day since about 3 weeks old he has slowly been morphing into Daniel's teeny tiny twin. I hope she has hair because Greyson was bald and still barely has any hair. The bit that he does have is super blonde so its tough to see. Both Daniel and I had blonde hair as children so we expected he would too.
I have that baby bump app and I look at it so often. Today I checked it out and it says I have 125! That sounds like a lot to those of you whom are not pregnant but its hardly anything! I'm more than half way and the summer is going to fly by! Ay yi yi! Haha I'm so excited though!
I bought my first pair of maternity jeans this week. I stoped by Old Navy to see if they had underwear for Greyson and saw the maternity clearance so naturally I had to look. I'm so glad I did though! I bought one pair of jeans and they were $2.47. Crazyyyyy! I would've gotten tons more at that price but I didn't see any in my size or close. They are so super comfortable and the price makes me love them so much more.
Lesson of the week: Go to Old Navy more often.

How far along: 22 weeks
Gender: Girl!
Weight gain: 10lbs
Sleep: What is sleep?
Stretch Marks: Nope!
Missing: Coffee. Not so much for the caffeine but the taste really. I love a good hazelnut coffee and caramel macchiato. I smell it when I stop at Starbucks for a tea or frappuccino and its just mouth watering each time.
Looking forward to: Dinner with Gabby for her birthday and the bachelorette party!
Cravings: Ice cream duh. & apple cider donuts again. We decided to start watching Dexter and he was eating a donut in one episode, I was so upset nothing was open to get donuts. I literally didn't sleep all night because I wanted one so badly. Daniel came home the next day with six apple cider donuts from whole foods. Heaven!

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