A Splashin' Good Time

I feel like I've wanted forever and a day for the pool to be ready and finally it is! We've been going every day. Its a blast for both of us and Greyson is so ready for a nap afterward.
He's always liked the pool and of course loves the tub too but I was surprised by just how much fun he has swimming. In just two short days of swimming he was ready to go underwater and likes to jump in, into my arms of course. He really wants to be able to swim alone but he just hasn't caught on to the doggie paddle yet. Daniel is really working on that with him. We're going to get him a life best so he can at least float without us holding him. He's just so darn independent!
The weather has been strange so a few of our pool days were cut short by clouds and rain. I attempted to keep swimming in the rain once but it was freeeeezing. He doesn't care what the weather is like or really how cold he is he would stay in there all day. Today I had to call it quits after 2 1/2 hours of swimming because he was shivering, wrinkled like a raisin and had purple lips. He was so mad at me! But beforehand, we had a ton of fun. I've finally learned to bring toys with us because he always what's someone else's. Luckily today he was the only child there so he was perfectly satisified with the trucks and cars I brought.
Next on my list is a beach ball. How could that not be fun?!
And for those if you who came just for pictures...

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