Baby Ortega... Numero DOS!

That's right! We are expecting our second little bundle of joy. I've been dying to share this with the world but we wanted to wait a while this time around.
I'm 19 weeks, 5 days today.
Greyson will be handing over his title as 'Baby Ortega' but we know he'll be the best big brother ever!

PS this picture is a bit old. Its from one of our first ultrasounds. I will post an updated one very soon!

When they say every pregnancy is different they are not kidding. This has been totally different from my first with Greyson. For starters morning sickness has been kept to a minimum this round. I may have only gotten sick a handful of times! That's a celebration in and of its self if you know how bad it was with Grey. I've barely gained anything to be almost half way. Crazy! With Greyson's pregnancy I gained a total of 70lbs. Woah baby.
I also have had cravings for most salty things but I cannot turn down a donut or ice cream.
Overall we are ecstatic about our new addition! Chasing around a toddler and getting some actual sleep before they arrive is the real challenge.

How far along: 19 weeks
Gender: TBD
Weight gain: 10lbs
Sleep: Doesn't happen for me
Stretch Marks: Nope!
Missing: Beer, margaritas, sushi and my pants fitting.
Looking forward to: Greyson's new gym class on Saturday mornings. It's a blast for us both.
Cravings: Ben & Jerry's Milk&Cookies, Apple Cider donuts (but I'll take any kind of donut) and alfredo


  1. Before "they" arrive? Are you having twins

    1. No haha. No twins! Just said that to not specify a sex yet


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