Drumlin Farm

On Friday we visited Drumlin Farm in Lincoln, MA for the first time! Pretty ridiculous that it took us this long to visit because its like 15 minutes from our house. Anyway, it was great!
They're running a promotion for memberships right now so anyone interested can check that out here
We met a few moms from our Natural Moms group there. Greyson of course just could not wait to explore.

We saw baby lambs, sheep, pigs, chicken, owls, a vulture (it was just as scary and super cool as it sounds) and pigs before Grey fell asleep.
He love love loved the sheep and baby lambs. I thought he was going to jump into their pin at one point.

Every time one would say "BAA" Greyson would freak out! He pointed and looked at me with the most excitement I'd ever seen. Him trying to mimic the sheep was absolutely hilarious. Needless to say this is going to be a regular trip for us!

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