Headbands and Headaches

Of course finding out we're having a girl to me meant I get to play dress up every day. 
I wasn't a very girly girl growing up so as an adult I love any excuse to get all dolled up. I was the girl playing sports and digging for bugs in the mud with the boys. I broke all my dolls that I'd get for Christmas every year. I'd wear blue almost every day. Oh, and my favorite hair style was a pony tail! 
I fully intend on dressing her in the cutest little outfits and braiding her hair daily. I couldn't be more excited.
That being said, I bought babygirl's first headbands! Now before I rave about their cuteness I have to tell you what a headache it was trying to decide what to get her for her first purchase!
When we found out we were having Greyson we went out the next day and bought his outfit that he'd come home from the hospital in, and we picked it out together! This time around I was so indecisive and Daniel is working like crazy. Both of those elements made it impossible to pick anything mainly because I really wanted to pick it out together. 
But I found these headbands on Etsy and could not resist them. I picked two that I loved and showed them to Daniel basically so I could tell myself we picked it together. Here they are!

 So the headbands I got are both from Positively Oakes shop on Etsy. The owner Jessica is so sweet and helpful! One of the headbands I wanted was taken down because they sold do quickly so I messaged her to see if and/or when they'd be back in the shop because I just love love loved this print! She was so quick to respond and said she had just enough to make one more for me! Ahhh I was freaking out. Could've cried tears of joy. You don't find many shops that will be so kind and go out of their way to help you. I was so thankful! And the headband is perfect! Shipping is cheap, the headbands are very well priced and adorable plus Jessica is super sweet. Seriously, it's a win all around.
If you want to check out her shop you can do so here. You'll be glad you did!

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