Easter 2014

First off, I hope you all had a fabulous Easter with your loved ones.
The weather here was gorgeous!
Greyson had a tough morning, woke up around 3 am wide awake. So at about 7-730ish he took a nap, thank sweet baby Jesus for that one. Finally we got on the road and headed to Connecticut.
PS why is there always so much traffic everywhere?! I'm not a fan.
When we got there we were so thankful to be out of the car but even more excited to some favorite family members!
Grey got to play outside with his cousins which was wonderful to see. I get all ooey-gooey about family.
Here is all of the kids together.

This was Greyson's first egg hunt. 
Last year he was just a little babe so he couldn't participate if he wanted to.
He would pick up an egg and look inside before putting it in his basket. If he liked the prize, it was a keeper. If not, he'd toss it back down. We had to start kicking eggs over his way for him to notice them by the end.

What a good looking family huh? Haha.
Anyway, better late than never. This post is so over due but I just had to share!

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