24 weeks!

I seriously cannot believe I am already 6 months along. This is insane! AHH. I'm so anxious to meet my this little babe. I wonder all the time if she will look like me or Daniel, if she'll have lots of hair because Greyson has had none, if she'll gravitate toward me or Daniel.. So much I need to know! Haha. When Greyson was born he didn't cry, instead he cuddled up on my chest and looked right at daddy. For the next three days we spent in the hospital he spent every single moment that he wasn't nursing in daddy's arms. I mean every moment. The first night we were on such an adrenaline rush from having him that we spent the whole night awake just admiring him. Those were some of my favorite moments. Daniel was so happy to have him in his arms I had to ask for him back and have good reason haha. The next day we had visitors and were feeling the exhaustion set in. Daniel walked from the hospital to the nearest McDonald's miles away just to get me the shamrock shake I'd been dreaming of. And let me tell you.. it was delicious. We decided to take turns sleeping that night. He slept for a bit and I couldn't help but bask in the sweetness of both of my boys snuggled up and snoring so I let him sleep for much longer than my body wanted me to. Finally he took Grey and I slept. I woke up very early in the morning to find Daniel asleep on the other bed in our room, Greyson asleep in his bassinet and Daniel's arm inside the bassinet holding him. SO cute. Now that we are expecting number too I wonder if I'll find Greyson and Daniel doing the same thing to baby girl this time. 
Speaking of affection for baby girl, Greyson loves her already. This morning I was about to run to the store quickly when I lifted my shirt to itch my belly as I said goodbye to the boys. Greyson saw my belly and reached out for it. He rubbed it and gave it a big kiss, then of course looked to daddy with a big smile. He is seriously the sweetest boy I've ever known. He hugs and kisses everyone and everything. Literally. 
Well enough rambling about my emotions..
We are having such a hard time deciding on a name for her. Any ideas?! We like some names but just haven't fallen in love with any yet. There are tons of cute names for girls but the problem is their popularity. I always hated being the other Katie. Even though I'm always the only one who's full name is just Katie. Daniel is very popular too. This really plays into why we loved Greyson so much. Although it is up and coming now, its unique and he won't be the third Greyson in his 5th grade class. I've always said I wanted to incorporate my mom's name in my baby girl's name somehow since as far back as I can recall. Her name is very traditional though so we have to be very creative in doing so. At this rate we might be those people who's child doesn't have a name for the first few months of their life. Seriously. Talk about indecisive..
On another note we went to the beach this week! We all had a blast and discovered that Greyson loves sand and birds. Daniel showed him that we could feed the seagulls and he was fascinated. He ran around chasing them 80% of the time. We're all sun burnt and tired now so its definitely bedtime.

How far along: 24 weeks
Gender: Girl!
Weight gain: 19lbs
Sleep: So so
Stretch Marks: Nope!
Missing: My summer body
Looking forward to: BBQ's and time with family that we have planned all week
Cravings: Ok so I wouldn't turn down ice cream but I'm not necessarily craving anymore. Now I'd just love some donuts and dark red apples. YUM. 

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