26 weeks!

I started writing this from the hospital and then I realized it was sounding super crazy because I was so emotional so I'm starting over. We had a big scare this week. It was literally the scariest 24 hours of my whole life. So here it goes folks.
On Wednesday night Grey went to bed at 730pm, as usual, but Daniel and I also went to bed by 830pm and that is rare. Grey woke up in the middle of the night around 12-1230am so I cared for him and put him back to sleep when I noticed Coby hadn't been out for a walk since before Grey went to bed. Being a good doggy momma I decided to take him right then. I've taken him out that late plenty of times before so I really didn't think anything of it. Once we were in the hallway about to go down stairs Coby suddenly bolted down the stairs as fast as he could! I was holding his leash of course so I went right down with him. I don't know what I was thinking once I finally landed at the bottom of the stairs. Honestly I think I was just shocked that it had even happened so I kept on about my business like it was nothing. We went for a quick walk then straight back home to go back to sleep. I've gotten a lot of grief for going to bed instead of waking Daniel up right away and telling him but ahhh what can I say. In my head I was just all mixed up so I slept. In the morning the three of us were laying in bed and I told Daniel what had happened. He was totally freaked out of course. The stairs in our apartment complex are made up of about 20 steps and I went down about 16 of those. We ate breakfast and I still didn't feel baby girl moving at all so we were definitely worried. Daniel headed out for work because I told him I'd call if anything happened or we needed to go to the doctor. Once he left I snuggled in bed with Grey and googled everything about falling down the stairs pregnant, what to worry about and look for. Daniel was gone for all of 10 minutes when he came rushing back in the door and made me call the doctor right away. He couldn't go to work knowing anything could be wrong. What a sweet man, huh?!
So I called and they didn't hesitate on telling me to come in ASAP. They waned to keep me on the monitors for at least 4 hours. If all was well and they felt confident about the baby's health after that time then I could go home with instructions not to belly flop down the stairs anymore. HAHHA. I'm hilarious, I know. But before we had gotten to that 4 hour mark they had decided to admit me for a minimum of 24 hours to keep the monitors on. I finally felt her moving which was a good sign! But I had very strong, steady contractions and it is just too soon to be having so many so they were worried I'd be delivering now. As scary as that sounds jut typing it out I swear it was a billion times scarier hearing the doctor tell me that. They were briefing us on the procedures for delivering a pre-term baby and all they'd have to do, give her, etc to ensure she'd have the best chance of survival. Devastated is the best I can do in describing how I felt about delivering pre-term. Four or 5 weeks early wouldn't be so bad to me but nearly 14 weeks early scares the shit out of me.
I had settled into my room, called Daniel a hundred times to tell him how much I missed them both and flicked through the limited TV channels they had available and was done with being in a hospital already. I don't know what I'm gonna do being there for 3 or so days once baby girl does arrive. But things were going well and I wash;t so scared at the moment. Until baby girl decided to play hide and seek... COOL. For a whole 2 hours the nurses couldn't find a heartbeat or even hear her moving in there. I of court was in full blown panic mode, the nurses were frantic trying to locate her and a heartbeat. The had the whole OB team come in and introduce themselves, go over any questions I may have, etc. They were all ready to deliver her because the only thing left to do was assume she was in distress due to the fall and they would have to get her out and sustain a heartbeat ASAP. After spending 10 minutes talking about steroid shots to mature her lungs and thinking that we could very well loose her I basically shut down and then she decided to pop out for a second and say "Heyyyyy, here's my heartbeat, I'm just chillen in here." I could have DIED. UGH! Girls I tell ya. She's already giving me grays and hasn't even been born yet. They couldn't keep her heartbeat steady on the monitor so for the rest of the night, every half our they would come in with a doppler and ultrasound to check on her. I think I may have actually slept through a few check points because I was exhausted! 
She was doing well and my contractions had slowed, and a few tests came back with great news so I was able to go home the next morning. I now can't walk Coby anymore and I need to be very careful. Any sort of trauma again could definitely send us into that pre-term labor scenario that I hope to never relive again. Daniel made me a big breakfast and sent me to the pool to relax once we got home. He is just the sweetest man. I know he was scared too but he would never tell me in the moment, he always stays so calm and strong for me. I'm lucky. Now its sinking in and I truly am beyond thankful to be home with my beautiful family and have my strong little gal tumbling around in my belly still. Our adventures for the rest of the summer will be a bit more tame but that works for me, haha.
And here's a little bump selfie for ya!

How far along: 26 weeks
Gender: Girl
Weight gain: 19 lbs
Sleep: Still going strong. Some nights can be tough but over all I can't complain
Stretch marks: No no no, thank goodness.
Missing: Still beer. and probably tanning too. Haha. I know that sounds silly but I feel better/prettier when I'm tan so it makes a huge difference to me. I've tried to lay out for a while but I get so hot and uncomfortable its gonna be hard while pregnant.
Cravings: Donuts, cherries and apples!

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