27 weeks!

Hello third trimester!
We had our appointment Friday. I was very excited to be able to peek in on baby girl and see how she's doing. At this appointment I had my glucose screening for gestational diabetes. The drink was much more sugary than I remember it being! It's like orange soda with a pound of sugar added, ridiculous. But none the less it could be wayyyy worse so I'll take it. I mean.. I don't hate orange soda haha. As most of you probably already know, we had to wait an hour after drinking the drink to have my blood drawn so in the meantime we ran up and down the hall with Grey a million times and got in to see the doctor. I'm measuring perfectly and gaining weight beautifully. Although I was surprised to see I gained 8 more pounds, I shouldn't have been so shocked. I mean I have had to slow down on my daily activity quite a bit since the fall and cookies have been dear to my heart this passed week. I'm not craving them but I can't turn one down. MAJOR PROBLEM. Haha. Anyway, back to baby girl, she's so darn cute! We had an ultrasound and this time they did a 3D scan which I was not expecting! I was ecstatic about it though! I'd always wanted to get one done with Greyson but I was under the impression that they didn't offer those types of ultrasounds unless you were high risk and even then you'd have to seek a doctors office that offers them. I don't mind being wrong about this one. Once I saw baby girl's precious little face on the screen I think I just melted to the floor. I'm so in love with her and absolutely cannot wait to snuggle her as a family. She was so good for us. We could see her kicking a bit but mainly she posed perfectly to have her picture taken. I'll be staring at these pictures all night. Don't mind me! I can't believe how much she looks like Greyson! I figured they would look similar but I was expecting she would lean more toward my or Daniel's looks more having thought that he is a perfect 50/50 of us both that there's no way she'd be the same. I must say I'm loving the idea of her looking so much like Grey though because that boy can rock some headbands! We always say he'd make such a beautiful girl hahaha. She is currently weighing in at 2.4 lbs and she's a mover and groover for sure. We most definitely have another little dancer on our hands.
 Now that we've had our appointment it is all about the holiday over here. We did a little shopping to be festive. I realized just how hard it is to find anything holiday related in Greyson's size if I don't make it to the store right when the line comes out. Old Navy had the cutest tops, shorts and one piece sets online and when I got to the store all the big sizes were left. Figures. This always happens to me too. I did end up finding this american flag tank in his size so I passed on shorts because he has plenty already that'll work with it. I was dying to buy something for baby girl too but since Grey is almost 17 months and barely even fitting into 12 months size clothing I thought I oughta hold off because I don't know how big she'll be this time next year. They have the most adorable little rompers I've ever seen though! For little girls that is. As for myself I found lots. Not all of it was festive but Old Navy seriously the best maternity clearance EVER. I found two maxi dresses, one for $9.99 and another for just $4.47. I know what you're thinking because I was the same way, is this even real life, right and yes yes yes it is. Plus I got this super comfy light orange sweatshirt for $9.99 also. Win, win, win. We are staying with family for the holiday weekend so I wanted to be comfortable as well as festive. I got a great pair of white linen pants at TJMaxx and a blue tank top to match. Then scored an amazing flag scarf at Old Navy too. I can't wait to make it one of my wardrobe staples. I love that its a bit faded so I can wear it with so much more and year round even!
I hope you all look fabulous and enjoy your holiday weekend. We'll be making some smores treats and layered drinks to celebrate. If you've got any good festive pins to share send em my way! I'm addicted to pinterest and all its creative goods. And last but not least, here's my two favorite pictures from the ultrasound! Doesn't she look just like Greyson?!

How far along: 27 weeks
Gender: Girl
Weight gain: 27 lbs 
Sleep: Great! (knock on wood)
Stretch marks:  NOPE!
Missing: Being tan, thin and having energy. I guess this all comes with the territory though haha
Cravings: CHERRIES, donuts and apples! 

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