Father's Day Gift Ideas

I don't how your husband/boyfriend is but Daniel is so hard to buy for. Mostly because he's so impatient.
He'll tell me what he wants and then he comes home with it a few days later, he just can't wait. Anything he wants he just buys himself. Not to mention a lot of the things he wants are pretty pricey. My full-time job, 'stay at home mom', doesn't pay in donero so there's that. I make due with little gigs to be able to surprise him and Greyson here and there. And get myself some things too of course!
Last year for Father's Day I made a lot for him. First I made him a shadow box collage with he and Grey's hospital bracelets, Grey's hat and photos of them both plus his favorite ultrasound of Grey's which he says is when he fell in love with him.
- currently holding back my tears -
I also made him a mug, and wrote in a card for him just letting him know how appreciated he is and that we love him to infinity. Oh and I found these DILF socks and they fit his personality so perfectly I just had to get them. Before getting pregnant we always used to joke that we would be a milf and dilf. I know that isn't so G-rated so sorry but its true! We definitely pride ourselves on our good looks. Jeeeez, how conceited did that sound?!
So If you don't have much money to blow this holiday, consider making him something. He'll appreciate the effort and you can get creative along the way!
The shadow box is easily under $15. Shadow boxes are everywhere at TJMaxx, Marshalls and Traget. Target being the most expensive. But if you have one already that's even better. I think I printed photos at Rite Aid for about 20 cents each. Then of course all the other pieces were from the hospital and the lettering I used I got at Marshall's for $2. Then the mug is super cheap! If you already have a sharpie then you've already cut your most expensive cost. You can get a plain white mug, or really any color of your choice, at the Dollar Store for well.. a dollar. Haha.
Here's a few ideas, some based on my gifts last year.

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

This year I honestly feel like Father's Day creeped up on me. I just realized about 3 days ago that its this freakin' weekend! AHHHH. 
That being said I'm being crafty with Greyson and also getting Daniel a cake. He recently discovered he has a a gluten allergy so a lot of things I normally would've opted for are out of the question. I'm going to use my number 5 idea that I posted above for you all though! I ordered the cake already I've just got to pick it up from Whole Foods, whom of which is amazing! They don't make gluten free cakes there but they do however have some made by an outside vendor that they sell in store. I called to see how much it would be for them to write on it for me and they didn't charge me anything extra! I'm going to decorate around the outside of it though because its just plain white. I'll be sure to post pictures once we give it to him! 
Unfortunately Daniel is always fully booked at work so he has to work all day on Father's Day so we are celebrating on Saturday instead. We have a few things planned but if you've got any ideas please send them my way1 I want to make sure we have a full day of fun.
Whether it is your first or tenth Father's Day I hope you have a blast!
I'd love to hear your stories!
I couldn't forget the pictures! Here are some of Daniel and Grey's throughout the last year.

Sleeping in Daddy's arms the day after he was born.
Introducing his our first fury baby to our new little burrito.
Showing Grey how to give Coby a bath.

I just can't get enough of these boys.
If you're reading this Daniel, Happy Father's Day! WE LOVE YOU!


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