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A little while back I was doing some redecorating around the house and posted a picture of "Greyson's Corner" on Instagram. Ever since, people have been asking me about a few of the items shown so I decided to give up all the details.
I love a good deal. I always check out the clearance section before going through the new arrivals at any store. Marshalls and TJMaxx are easily two of my favorite stores ever. With that said, some of what's picture we got for a major steal. So here it goes!

We originally used this table as his changing table, with the pad on top alongside diapers and wipes. We got it from a neighbor who hadn't used it at all and didn't need it so it was free! You all already know how much I love free stuff. Now that we are moving passed the diaper stage it needed a face lift. Like I said before we made some of this but you can also try and make it your own!

The green frame we found at Marshall's for just $2 in the clearance section. We had no idea what we would use it for or it if at all but its not a loss either way. 
Inside the frame is a Jessica Garvin print that I actually got for free. She ran a promotion for it over the holidays although it is normally only $10 year round so if you wanted to get it, it wouldn't be pricey. I love her and all her work so I was all over this. They are all available in her Etsy shop.
The letter "G" we got as decoration for Greyson's first birthday party and never used it. You can find letters like this generally at any craft store. This one is from A.C. Moore. I believe it was about $4.
The giraffe picture I drew myself. I originally drew it on paper then Daniel said it was nice so I wanted to keep it somehow. I ended up finding a two pack of 8x10 canvases at A.C. Moore for $4 and drew one more time onto the canvas. I have another blank canvas so I think I may make something for baby girl on that one.

I made this for Daniel's first Father's Day last year. I saw something similar on pinterest so I wanted to recreate it in my own way.
I found the frame at TJMaxx on sale. I don't remember how much it was exactly but it certainly was $10 or under. The letters are also from TJMaxx and they were $2. 
Pictures, as you know, are cheap to print anywhere. The rest of the items are sentimental. They're all from the hospital when we had Greyson's. Pictured is Greyson's hat and both Daniel and Greyson's bracelets. 

We got these baskets as gifts at Greyson's baby shower. On the left we use the green one to hold the cloth diapers and inserts. The books in the middle are more valuable or bigger books that Grey can't read/play with just yet. The basket on the right, the blue, we use for smaller books. Sometimes we take it down to let Grey choose what he'd like to read. Although there are a lot of doubles in there. He has a small basket of most of those books on the floor by some of his other toys.

Its so so simple but I love the way it all looks together.
We don't necessarily have a theme for the room. It is mainly all black and white with pops of color.
And on that note Grey just woke up so now its time to play again. Adios!

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