30 weeks!

Single digits here we come!
So after my breakdown over nothing fitting I ended up going to a different Old Navy and buying a bathing suit there that fit. Turns out Old Navy has the cheapest bathing suits. While I was there I checked out the clearance because it was buy two get one free. Long story short I found two pairs of shorts that actually fit me! I could not believe it. I literally almost cried. I know I know crying again, yes. I was seriously ecstatic. The fact that they were on sale for $5 and $3 didn't hurt either. At this point though I would have still purchased them if they were $20 because I need clothes so bad.
Enough about shopping..
I'm feeling pretty good lately. I have had another onset of contractions but by the next day they went away so hopefully they stay away for at least another 5 - 6 weeks. Baby girl is definitely a night owl. I feel her dancing the moment 9 o'clock rolls around and she goes all night. I am loving how she and Greyson seem to 'play' via my belly button. It is absolutely hilarious! She will kick out and he'll poke her back giggling like crazy of course. And my poor belly button by the way is flat as a pancake. There is simply nowhere for it to go. Oh and who knows if she'll ever have a name at this point. My husband has started a full blown campaign for the name he wants but I'm just not in love with it. I'm getting texts, tweets and everything else from all of our friends and family about giving her that name. AH! I'm not giving in!
Only exciting thing to happen all week is still in progress and I just cannot jinx it! I'll share soon I promise.
While you're waiting, here's our week in photos.
Until next time, XOXO.

How far along: 30 weeks
Gender: Girl
Weight gain: 27 lbs 
Sleep: Still great! Although its tough to get comfortable, once I'm asleep I'm good for the night. Plus Grey has been an awesome sleeper lately. Let's hope it lasts!
Stretch marks: No
Missing: Fitting into everything at the store. Quick explanation.. I used to be that girl who would go to the store and no matter what I tried on it was a perfect fit and looked great. These days I envy that girl and would like to shove a cheeseburger down her throat. HA but seriously.
Cravings: Still nothing. I've just been loving some nice cold water. How lame.

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