31 weeks & A Very Happy Birthday

Its amazing that I can stop crying enough to write you all a little something.
Let's start by addressing my hormones this week. OMFG. I find myself saying "This is a sick joke" about 100 times a day. About crying that is. I literally just cannot stop!
On Monday I was trying to put together our menu so we could go grocery shopping and sobbed 5 times. I had a breakdown over deciding what to eat and Daniel not giving me any ideas. Seriously?!
Oh but it gets better. Daniel told me to leave the house and get some space because I was way too emotional. I cried about leaving. AH! I cried for 10 minutes straight because my husband told me to take a break. Normally those would've been tiny tears of joy while I laid by the pool, virgin pina colada in hand. Long story short, I came back better. Then Daniel asked if I was ok now and I cried AGAIN! This time because I was bothered by not being able to control my emotions. Poor Daniel. Monday obviously was not his day either.
We all finally got in the car to go grocery shopping. We were dancing and joking around as usual. Daniel was being sarcastic and telling me not to cry about everything. For example, he knock my sunglasses off my face and we laughed then he says "don't cry about it". Just for the record here.. I did not cry about that one haha. Soon after I went into hysterics for 15 minutes all because I was thinking about not crying and trying not to cry. MY GOOD GOD. Ahhhh! The day just continued like this.
Since yesterday I've managed not to cry, shockingly. I'm really looking forward to our appointment today and my birthday in 5 days! We're going to have a fun family day and I'm so excited.
Here's to hoping for no crying and a happy toddler for that day.
Speaking of birthdays, today is one of my best friends birthday's! Happy birthday Shauna!!
We love you to infinity! You truly are a spectacular person and I'm so glad to call you my friend. Greyson loves his aunty and I just know baby girl will be just as smitten. You are so good to us. You deserve the very best today! I was going through pictures and I realized not much had changed but our hair. Haha. On that note, here's a few gems. We'll take more on wednesday! Hastag throwback, haha, no but really. Enjoy Saco and a cold one for me!!

Sorry no bump pictures today, soon I promise!

How far along: 31 weeks
Gender: Girl
Weight gain: 27 lbs 
Sleep: Even better! With Greyson sleeping in his bed its a lot easier to not only get comfortable but to stay asleep. He still gets up a few times a night but we get a few hours in bed without him and now he's starting to go back to sleep in his bed. Sweet sweet progress.
Stretch marks: No
Missing: Coffee. I've literally been dreaming about it and I swear I smell it everywhere I go.
Cravings: Back to ice cream and chocolate chip cookies. Although I still want apples too.

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