32 weeks!

My birthday was yesterday which was so much fun. I'll have you know I did not cry that awful, uncontrollable, hormonal cry at all yesterday! Greyson did it for me. I spent the day with my boys just having a blast. They truly are the sweetest. Greyson had decided that yesterday his answer to absolutely everything would be 'NO'. That was great. Haha. Literally until we stuffed him with mac n cheese for dinner every other word out of his mouth was no. Daniel and I officially hate that word.
We went bowling and it was Grey's first time. I thought he would love it, which he did for about 5 minutes but he wasn't interested again until the very last roll. He sat and ate blueberries most of the time. Bowling was a serious workout. I'm not kidding. For those of you laughing at me, go bowling at 8 months pregnant with no AC, I dare you. Daniel and I are so competitive, as I mentioned in my last post. We were trying to beat one another the whole time.. and we almost lost to Grey. How pathetic. HAHAHA.
Today I'm taking it easy. Our plan is to relax for the morning then head to the pool, nap, then run wild at the playground. Aka Greyson runs crazy while I sit. I ate so many cookies and so much ice cream yesterday that I probably shouldn't touch any for a week.
I have the best news ever though! Greyson slept through the night last night, which means we did too! Amazing. I'm feeling refreshed and lazy today. Baby girl is taking it easy too. Everyone partied pretty hard yesterday.
There's not much happening this upcoming week. We are now scheduled to see the doctor every two weeks so we have an appointment next Friday. I'm hoping they'll check my cervix and tell me I'm dilated at all. With all these crazy contractions and  sharp pains I'm hoping they're actually doing something. I'd like for her to hang in there for at least another three weeks but dilating slowly is ok. As you know she's been kicking my bladder belly button stomach ribs everything since she figured out how to twirl around 6 months ago. Daniel and I think she's going to be a little ballerina with all the fancy dances she's doing in there. Plus it would just be the cutest little thing ever to see her in a tutu. Am I right or am I right?!
Although we won't have anymore ultrasounds the end is quickly approaching. Knowing we'll be meeting her soon is enough. I can't express how excited I am. I'm so anxious to snuggle and sing to her. We just know Greyson will be the sweetest big brother. He loves babies and says baby when he points to my belly all the time. I think it'll just take a little time for him to realized she is part of our family though and not just visiting. I'm sure that'll set in once he sees her with one of his toys.
Now here I go getting emotional on you guys.
After the quality time and sweet memories we made yesterday I am feeling luckier than ever. Who really gets to say they have everything? I do and it feels great. Everything in terms of what really matters. No we're not millionaires, we don't have a great big house and I'm not a ridiculously sexy model with some insanely hot accent (dream world, hahaha) but I have my family. Daniel, Grey, baby girl and our pup Coby are all I could've ever wanted. They love me so very much. And it feels good to know you're special to someone else. I married my best friend, we have the best pup ever and our child/children are the sweetest, most precious beings I've ever laid eyes on. To me nothing else matters.
I had the best birthday thanks to my wonderful family.
I couldn't thank them enough for loving me like they do.
Here's to 22!

How far along: 32 weeks
Gender: Girl
Weight gain: 35 lbs 
Sleep: Good once I'm asleep. Grey is still waking up at night so that's a struggle.
Stretch marks: No
Missing: Napping alone, the good ol' days before babies when I could take a 2 hour nap sprawled out in bed by myself. See ya again in 25 years!
Cravings: Cinnamon Sugar Apple Cider Donuts, ice cream and chocolate chip cookies

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