Blueberry Picking

If this picture doesn't make you crave blueberries, there's something wrong with you.
This post could easily have been titled 'For The Love of Donuts'.
Its pretty obvious that this adventure was so much fun and delicious.
We found out that the farm near our house that we went apple picking at last fall opened this week! It is Honey Pot Hill in Stow, MA. They have the most delicious donuts I've ever tasted so its a given that I will forever Apple, Blueberry, Peach, etc pick here. Haha. They have a new addiction addition this year, Apple cider Slushies. WHAT? YES! 
Although you're not supposed to have apple cider during pregnancy they run it through a UV process to kill the bacteria so I felt a bit safer about trying it, plus it just sounded so heavenly I was itching to get some. I figured I'd be splitting it with the boys too so I wouldn't have a ton anyway. The whole gang loved it. Greyson drank most of it. Blueberries and Apple Cider are his jam. Daniel and I tried to steal an occasional chug. They also had a Lemonade Slushy but it was a bit too sweet for me. Shocked you with that one huh?
Before heading out to pick, we got our treats and visited some of the animals. There was a rooster roaming around and Grey was excited to follow it. Daniel caught it so he could pet it. Talk about precious. Greyson loves to explore as it is but when he gets to explore with daddy, he's on a whole new level of fun. We also saw goats but were afraid they might bite Grey's fingers so he only looked at them.
On to the main event, blueberry picking! It was fun but intense!
At times we were on our hands and knees under the tree.. vine.. bush? I'm not sure exactly what they grow on. It looked like a skinny little tree but vine sounds better. We somehow got into a competition with our friends to see who could pick the largest blueberry. I WON! Daniel was runner up. We Ortegas are very competitive. Unfortunately we ate mine before taking a picture so here is Daniel's. Good job babe!
To my surprise the blueberries were super soft! And a gorgeous periwinkle/blue color. I was a fan overall.
Daniel did most of the picking really. Grey and I tried for a while. I got crazy hot and he was more interested in eating them than putting them in our box. I think he may have picked and collected with us but Daniel showed him it was ok to eat them right when we started and he was hooked!
Excuse my pregnant swollen sausage feet. I cannot help it!
We all had a ton of fun. Its definitely an experience I want to relive with baby girl next year.
It'll be double the cuteness watching Grey show her around. Two babes gobbling up blueberries, haha it'll be adorable. You can see the exhaustion setting in for Grey as we were walking back to the car. Isn't it adorable how they are walking in sync, both have their arms up. Ugh! I cannot get enough of them!!
If you need a good outdoor activity to wear out the kids, or you just want super cute pictures of them with dad, blueberry picking is it!
Now I'm off to make us some smoothies! 

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