Falling In Love

Ugh. Where to begin?! When you love a man and I mean truly, unconditionally love him, picturing your future with him comes naturally. His dreams become your own and you start to build your hopes and goals around that person. As long as I've known Daniel, his presence has inspired me, drove me and I am crazy about everything that he is. He is kind, gentle, honest, passionate, funny, brilliant and most of all, he loves with his entire heart. He loves me and there isn't a day where he doesn't show me that his love for me is real. It's such a beautiful thing, being loved by a wonderful man. It was the way he carried himself that made me fall in love with him. Now I love him so differently than I did years ago simply because he continues to amazes me. Seeing him as a father has shown me a whole new side of love that I could never understand before. He is ours and I am theirs and it sometimes makes me feel like I could explode because I've never known so much joy. This type of happiness is so surreal and I'm infatuated with the feeling.
When we first moved in together we would spend hours playing cards in bed. Nothing fancy. Just the two of us being young and innocent. It changed for me then too though. While playing cards I fell harder. He laughed at me being so competitive then held my face and kissed my forehead so lovingly and I knew it was him. He would be the father of my children and I'd grow old with him. He would be my forever. He is my person. He is and was my best friend. That bond only grows stronger as we journey through this thing called "life" together. We sometimes realize just how alike and opposite we are. He is all I'm not yet at the same time exactly all I am. 

I'll never forget the image of him holding Greyson for the first time. My big, strong man holding this sweet tiny miracle that we created. That feeling is something you truly cannot express in words. My entire world froze and I fell so in love all over again. There is nothing that bonds two people together like creating a child. Becoming a father molded Daniel into a gentle giant and he is so proud of that, being a father. Swimming, bath time, playing cars, building forts, potty training, meal prepping, diaper changes, belly razberries and so much more has made Daniel even more incredible than he started. We often talk about how we feel so humbled for the opportunity to be parents and love experiencing the joys, hardships and most of all love when it comes to being a parent to Greyson. And now bringing our baby girl into this world also in barely a couple months is amazing to me. I'm so excited to see how kind he is with her and watch her fall in love with him just like Grey and I have. He has always been petrified to have a girl, saying there's way too much to worry about with girls and it scared him. Since finding out we are actually having a girl he has been so happy and excited to meet her. He says to me that she will be more fragile than Grey and he doesn't want to hurt her feelings ever. We both know that'll be impossible because she will be completely in love with him too. I wouldn't rather go through life with anyone other than this man and our little rugrats. I am so thankful for the man and father that Daniel is. 

The luckiest woman in the world.

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