Potty Training Made Easy

Ok mommas, I know what you're saying, potty training and easy don't belong in the same sentence. Now they do! I bet your face right now looks like this..
As most of you know I practiced Elimination Communication with Greyson as an infant. That may play a part in why he has done so well these last few days. For those of you who don't know what 'EC' is, you can read all about it here. I have the book too which is very helpful. I didn't do it full time though and got a bit lazy with it once he was more active and we were traveling a lot so that's why I had a 14 month old that was partially potty trained. He was able to hold his waste for hours and go in the toilet but wouldn't tell me and his signs weren't always the same. That made it difficult to switch him into underwear.
I was pretty tired of diapers. We are a cloth diapering family so its a bit more work but so so beneficial not only for Greyson's cleanliness, he's never had any diaper rash, but for our wallet also. You save on average $4,000 per child by using cloth diapers instead of disposables. Anyway, back to my story.. Haha. Both Daniel and I really wanted Grey to be fully potty trained and in underwear by the time baby girl gets here. It just makes it a bit easier by only having one child in diapers. We are a great team when it comes to Grey but with two little monsters we aren't sure what craziness will come our way so we are saving ourselves a headache any way we can.
I found a post about 3 day potty training on pinterest. Of course I was intrigued because it seriously sounded too good to be true. After reading that article I had to know if more moms had success with this method and there are tons! I had been trying to make the toilet appealing for a little over a month but Grey only had the tiniest bit of interest when Daddy would use it. Go figure. Everything is always so much cooler when Dad does it. Story of my life. So I altered the method a bit to work for us but followed the basic guidelines.
The idea is that treats, toys and reward systems don't work with children this young. And most families find that when using a reward system there is not much long term progress, the children usually go back to diapers because they don't understand the potty and what it is for.
Greyson was already familiar with the toilet/potty so I didn't have to introduce again.
You'll want to introduce the toilet or their potty to them the day before so they are comfortable when you start. Grey does have his own potty but I truly just didn't want to go from cleaning diapers to cleaning a little toilet 10 times a day so I opted to put him on the toilet.
Most importantly do not go back to diapers for any reason! This is a cold turkey approach.
Check out the details on how I did it and this big guy!
So here it goes, our 3 day intensive potty training.

Day 1
(We started after breakfast)
1. Drink lots of water with breakfast. You can use any liquid your little one prefers but Greyson isn't crazy about any juices so water does the job for us. Continue this throughout the day.
2. Remove the diaper. Talk to him about going to pee pee and poop in the toilet.
3. Begin your routine! I've found a lot of people were starting at bringing them every 15 minutes, that sounded like too much to me so I extended it just a bit to every 20 minutes. Doesn't sound like much but 5 minutes makes such a difference.
3. Place him on the toilet and use your cue words. Sign language is big in our house so before I would bring Greyson to the toilet I would first tell him we were going to the toilet while using the sign. Once sitting on the toilet I'd say 'ok go pee pee/poop". I'd only leave Greyson on the toilet for a few minutes, encouraging him to try. 
4. Congratulate him! I'd yell 'yay' 'woo hoo' 'you did it' or clap for him to show him my excitement. The first time he went poop I did all of these things, jumped up and down and told him how proud of him I was.

Day 2
1. Start right away. Continue what you did day one. The moment Grey wakes we go straight to the toilet. He normally pees for a while in the morning, as most people do.
2. Begin your timely routine again. This time I thought I would stretch it out a bit. He wasn't going every 20 minutes but instead every other time so I pushed it back to every 40 minutes. This is easier for us because Greyson was already very comfortable with the toilet/potty before starting. If you're child is not so comfortable or this is your first attempt at potty training I would stick to every 20 minutes just to keep it fresh in their mind.
3. Stick to it. Its ok if they don't go every time or if they have a few accidents. Greyson pooped on the floor twice so there's that. It wasn't perfect over here so don't be discouraged!

Day 3
Training day! This is the training day for the rest of your days. There is no time limit for when to bring them to the toilet. Ask them frequently if they have to go and bring them then. If they ask you first that's great!! Follow their lead just keep a close eye on their behavior. Greyson will squat down and hold his breath when he has to poop so I know I have about 30 seconds to get him to the toilet. He doesn't acknowledge the need to poop as well as he does pee pee so I have to keep my eye out for that one. We did however make it through day 3 without any accidents! So voila, potty trained!

Things to remember:
- Don't underestimate your child. They are smarter than you know. Children in America potty train much much later than other children around the world, so rest assured your child can do it.
- Stay positive. Your attitude makes all the difference. 
- Every success is as exciting as the first one. Always let them know how proud of them you are.
- Congratulate for the first month then tapper off.
-Everyone in the house must take part in the congratulating! When daddy was home during potty training he would come with us the bathroom and also cheer for Grey. We all know its cool when mom says she's proud of you but when dad does that means you are an absolute rockstar!
- If you're using a potty instead of the toilet in your home, bring one with you after the three days is up. This way your child can go whenever they need to when you're out of the house and do so in a potty they are familiar with. Since we used our toilet, outside of the house I use any toilet available. After the three days they will understand and be able to hold it for you to get the potty ready or get to a toilet.
- DO NOT give up. This will be trying but it will be worth it.
- DO NOT leave the house for any reason! Things like playing in your yard or walking the dog are ok because you are still home. This needs to be done in three consecutive, uninterrupted days.

For the next few days we'll be hunting down some underwear to fit his tiny little body. Until then he'll be going commando? Or maybe I'll use a diaper cover as underwear? We shall see.
It doesn't matter though because the most exciting thing in the world right now is that we are a happily potty trained family! And he's suddenly sleeping in his own bed too! I don't even know who he is right now!! AH, too grown up for my liking!
Now awaiting the arrival of baby girl should be a bit more relaxing, haha, hopefully.
I'd like to think our son is just a ridiculous super genius but truth is this commitment really works. If you have any more questions feel free to ask.
Best of luck to you!

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