33 weeks!

"And though she be but little she is fierce."
This saying is perfect for her.
We're one week closer to meeting our little miss. It has honestly been a pretty crazy week. She is starting to move down in my pelvis which causes so much pressure! I lost my mucus plug yesterday, was getting sick, etc. Now I know your mucus plug can grow back but with Grey's pregnancy I lost it not too long before having him. So of course I'm nervous that that may be the case here because we still have 7 weeks until her due date.
She certainly has a mind of her own though. It is her way or the highway in all cases. Normally babies move out of the way if you poke somewhere they're pushing but nope, not her! She continues to push while she punches me elsewhere simultaneously. What a sweet child, I know.
Aside from that craziness, we all went through a funk this week. Everyone has been out of wack. Daniel was forgetting things, feeling super moody, Greyson was having accidents everywhere and I was just one giant waddling hot mess without a brain. I can't remember anything. I legitimately think I would loose my head if it weren't attached at this point. Oh and the heat! MY GOODNESS. I am sweating alllllllllllll of  the time. It can be 72 degrees, Daniel and Grey will be comfortable or even a bit chilly and I'm over in the corner dripping sweat from walking to the kitchen and back.
I'm nesting like crazy today. I woke up and had to start hanging pictures and canvases.. AH!
Daniel was laughing at me saying I'm nesting because its just so out of control. Hahah. So I decided to make myself a to-do list for the day because there was so much I wanted to get done.
I'll have you know, they were all completed and I know feel like a million bucks.. well.. with my continued pressure and kickboxing baby in beast mode kind of million bucks.
Here's a little bump photo for ya! Now I'm off to play cars with my number one boy!

How far along: 33 weeks
Gender: Girl
Weight gain: 35 lbs 
Sleep: Getting really uncomfortable.
Stretch marks: No
Missing: Sleeping well.
Cravings: Hot sauce and pickles!

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