34 weeks!

Is summer over yet? I'm overheating.
Summer has always been my favorite season, especially since my birthday is in July, but while pregnant it is hands down the absolute worst season. GASP. I cannot believe I just said that.
It rained real hard all day yesterday which was absolutely amazing! It was just what I needed. Greyson went out on the patio in the rain which was super cute. He was puddle jumping and laughing hysterically. Thank you mother nature for the 10 minute break. Other than that we spent the day playing inside, comfy in our sweats. Perfect. Lately I have been trying to take it easy anyway. There's been a lot of coloring, dancing and cars and trucks filling our days instead of outside play. I'm super achy and hot at all times. I feel bad that I'm not taking Grey out all the time but I'm miserable outside.
We don't have much planned for this week. The goal is to relax as much as possible.
Sorry for the short update but I'm a mess over here and nothing new has come up.
I'm hoping to take Grey to his first red sox game soon. Tickets are insanely pricey though. I don't want to pay $100 for tickets then $200 more to eat and drink during the game. What happened to stub hub having tickets for $16?! I'd like to go back to that please.
On a better note, Coby turned 8 this week! For those of you that don't know, Coby (Jacoby) is our black lab. He is truly the sweetest pup in the world. He loves us with all his heart and we him. He lets Greyson torture him to no end and then cuddles up with him after. He was our first baby and we still snuggle him like he's our only. Poor guy has these little babes we keep bring home to put up with but he does it well. He's the best furry big brother! Even when Grey is stealing his food, toys, bone, you name it its been stolen. We love you Cobybeefsteak!
I woke up this morning with some contractions, etc. I'll be calling the doctor in a bit to see what we should do. This girl is one tough cookie I tell ya! I hate to go to the doctor for a false alarm. It is always good to be on the safe side though. I'm sure this is probably just her being a punk again but we shall see! I'll give you all an update when we have one!

How far along: 34 weeks
Gender: Girl
Weight gain: 40 lbs 
Sleep: So uncomfortable and HOT.
Stretch marks: No
Missing: Sleeping well.. still.
Cravings: Specific chocolate chip cookies from Whole foods and Ben&Jerry's Milk & Cookies Ice Cream.

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