35 weeks & Daniel's Birthday!

Here we are folks. An entire week of non-stop contractions. SUPER COOL.
I picked up some Red Raspberry leaf tea yesterday. I read a lot online about how its supposed to strengthen your uterus. When we were last at L&D the nurse said I could just have a very irritable uterus, which I found strange to start in my second pregnancy but not in my first, so I thought this tea would take care of that issue. Well needless to say my contractions have not stopped or changed. In fact I lost a lot more of my mucus plug yesterday after having some. Which could easily be a coincidence but since I hadn't had this tea during pregnancy before I'm putting the two together. Has anyone had the same or a different experience with it?
On to the exciting stuff! Today is my husband Daniel's birthday!
He never likes to plan on his birthday. He's more of a 'wake up and see what I feel like doing' kind of guy. Which used to drive me crazy because I always want to plan a fun, exciting day. On that note, we shall see where the day takes us!
Greyson and I made him some cards in advance. We are quite the artists! We're working on actually saying "Happy Birthday" but just a few syllables come out. Daddy doesn't mind. Grey waking him up with kisses, saying 'I love' because you never quite makes the cut and then begging to dance and play cars is all Daniel really needs. Its so funny saying its my husband's  birthday like whaaaat? Oh yea, that's right, almost a year ago I married this fool and couldn't be happier about it.
I've got to scoot off now to see what the birthday boy wants to do but I leave you with lots of cute pictures from years passed with my hunk.
Happy Birthday Mi Amor!

How far along: 35 weeks
Gender: Girl
Weight gain: 40 lbs 
Sleep: Barely happening at night but the naps I get are wonderful!
Stretch marks: No
Missing: Not having contractions, ever. Haha.
Cravings: Those Whole Foods cookies & red delicious apples

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