36 weeks!

I survived another week of these contractions! Its insane that they're still going strong. I barely can walk at this point but at least we're just a week out from full term! I'm praying that once we hit that full term mark she will be ready to proceed. And at least if my body spends so long preparing then hopefully active labor and delivery will be a breeze. Keyword being hopefully. It could also go the other way with my body being so tired from all of this that I am forced into a c-section.
I cannot wait to deliver. I cannot wait to feel those powerful contractions. I cannot wait to meet my little girl.
I swear I've never wanted to be in pain so badly. Talk about twisted haha.
Oh and I'm swelling up day by day. I can't wear my wedding ring anymore and I barely got one of my other rings off. I thought I was going to have to cut it off!
Despite how uncomfortable and tired I am these days I do still love being pregnant. It is such a sweet time. Its so hard to describe. When you go through it, you'll know what I mean. I'm aching all over, struggling to walk like a normal human being and miserably tired but when I feel my little lady dancing in there I can't help but get excited and emotional. The other night Daniel was holding my belly and when he started talking to her she went crazy! Although we had that moment with Greyson already, it was equally as adorable. I just know she is going to melt his heart. 
Lately a lot of people have been asking what we're going to do with Greyson when I deliver. We want him in the delivery room with us. Some of you may be thinking we're crazy. We want him to share the experience of her birth with us. He is very much aware of her, that she is in momma's belly and that she is his sister. He is our family and so to us it makes sense for him to be involved. I'm sure I'll get questions from everyone like 'won't he be scared?' and 'how are you going to manage him and deliver at the same time?'. My answer, it has been done before so we will roll with the punches. Everything about labor and delivery is up in the air anyway because you just don't know when its going to happen. Well at least we don't! So, ideally, he'll be with us. Though if for some reason he can't be in the room he will still be at the hospital with someone in the waiting room.
In other news, we're looking forward to Apple Picking. With September being just days away now we want to go that first weekend. We go to Honey Pot Hill in Stow, MA. The same place we go to for Blueberry Picking. We love this farm. It is huge though. I definitely want to go through the hedge maze this year! Are any of you going Apple Picking? Like I've said plenty of times before, I am so very ready for fall. It has been cooling down here lately. I'm loving the rain and feeling the cold breeze when I leave the slider doors open. With fall quickly approaching that means baby girl will have to come out and I will get to have my chai tea latte again! Yum Yum!
Who doesn't love newborn snuggles and a nice hot chai?
P.S. Getting ready for a photo was a struuuuugle this week. Excuse my all natural no makeup look. That's asking too much. Don't judge!
Oh and of course Grey had to be in the picture! What a cutie.

How far along: 36 weeks
Gender: Girl
Weight gain: 42 lbs 
Sleep: God awful.
Stretch marks: No
Missing: Enjoying pregnancy. Honestly these contractions are making me insane.
Cravings: Those Whole Foods cookie and PB&J sandwiches. I would die for a chicken salad sandwich but mayo is off limits during pregnancy so I'll have to wait until after for that one.

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