Girl Time

I have been saying for months that I need to get baby girl some clothes and I finally did.
Saturday I had a fabulous lunch with some of my closest girl friends then went shopping. Of course I knew Old Navy would have a ridiculous sale per usual but I didn't find much there to my surprise. I really wanted to get to Gap Baby, Ruum and The Children's Place. They have good sales most of the time but they're selection is always too cute. Well sadly Ruum no longer has a baby line, just toddler and up so that was a bummer. I did however find some super cute stuff elsewhere. I'm a big fan of bargain shopping so I got an amazing deal on everything I purchased. Especially the most precious little North Face! Now I want to find a matching one in my size, but for the same price. Hah, hilarious I know. Never gonna happen!
Buying girl stuff is so so much fun. Almost everything I picked up I said 'OMG this is so cute' about. The newborn Sperry's are something I'm obsessing over but the mom in me can't justify $50 for shoes that will barely be worn if they get any use at all so I'll just admire them from afar. I don't know about you moms but for me I don't understand spending crazy amounts of money on kids clothes because they are hardly used or get stained the second you leave the house so the sale rack is my jam. Of course I follow some mommy blogs that have super cute outfits for their babes but its like 'oh by this $40 tank top for your 2 year old because its so super cute' and I'm over here like, um NO.
Anyway... Lunch!
I met a few girl friends for lunch and it was wonderful. You don't realize how important true friends are until you have a family and your kids put life into perspective for you. I used to think having tons of friends to go out with and party with was great and now I realize how truly fake and exhausting it is. The 20 girls you go clubbing with every weekend will absolutely not be meeting you for lunch when you have 2 kids, you can quote me on that one. So I love spending the quality time I do get with the few that really love me and my family. These girls are always there for not only me but all of us. They are so sweet on Grey and he can't get enough of them. I love you ladies! Thanks for a fabulous day!
Quick little update on baby girl..
She is head down, right on my cervix, hence all the pressure. And things are starting to move along! I'm dilating a bit but we should be good for a while. Our doctor said to cone in right away if I start having contractions because Greyson's labor was a total of 3 hours so we may not have much time once it starts haha. Baby girl has a nice strong heart beat and she is so super active. While the nurse was trying to measure her heart beat we were all watching her roll all around in there. My stomach was little moving side to side and all around. I'm not kidding when I say I really think she does not sleep!
So now I'm doing laundry, 'ooh-ing and ahh-ing' over all of her precious outfits. Let me know if you come across any good deals!
Until next time,

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