37 weeks!

This is so exciting! Well, it would be more exciting if I already had the baby by now but this works too.
We see our doctor tomorrow. Hopefully she'll check my cervix and say 'Yay you're having a baby today!'. That would be best case scenario. I'm hoping things are at least moving along and we'll be meeting her very very soon. On Monday night my contractions really picked up. They're much more intense now but certainly not 'active labor' kind of intense.
We ended up at L&D late last night until about 4am because of some more craziness with my body. None the less it was an uneventful, emotional and long trip. We're all a bit grumpy and out of whack today. Daniel, being the sweet man he is, let me sleep as long as I wanted today while he entertained Grey. - Just a little background info... He had worked all day yesterday, went straight to the hospital with us once he got home, spent the night in the hospital dealing with Grey, which is not a task for the weak, and then drove us home. All just to get up early with little man, take care of everything and then go back to work. He is a saint! -
Tonight I'm taking it as easy as possible. There's been lots of baths and playing with cars in bed. I'm lucky Grey is as sweet as his daddy or I might not have survived today.
Some of you may have seen this photo on my Instagram already. I just can't get enough of this boy. Whether its my hats or the one and only floppy sun hat we bought for baby girl he loves wearing them around the house. Its hysterical. I can only hope he'll teach his sister to be just as lovely.
Sorry this is so short, I don't have much to say other than I want her in my arms instead of my belly now!
I'll update you all after our doctor appointment!
Until then, XOXO.

How far along: 37 weeks
Gender: Girl
Weight gain: 42+ lbs, we'll find out tomorrow
Sleep: What is sleep?
Stretch marks: No
Missing: Enjoying pregnancy, my body, not crying over everything.
Cravings: A chicken salad sandwich!

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