38 weeks!

It feels like fall outside and that makes me so very happy!
Ok, now onto what you really want to know about. I'm feeling pregnant as ever. I never thought you could contract for soooo long before delivering. It honestly is ridiculous. I was just talking to Daniel about it and I'm blaming it on not getting massages this whole pregnancy. With Greyson's pregnancy I got a prenatal massage every two weeks, or at least once month. I was always so relaxed and didn't have a single ache until just before having him. Those were the days huh? Haha.
Oh and I'm pretty sure I discovered my first stretch mark today. I might die. Now don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with women who have stretch marks, I would just prefer not to have any. It is probably the length of my pinky nail and on my side but I still hate it. I immediately started coating it with coconut oil. AHHH! I had a legit heart attack when I found it. I can't even.
Since Monday night I have been contracting for every 2 minutes now and they're a bit stronger. That had us at L&D again because the doctor said I must be in labor for my contractions to be so steady and close but nope! They checked me after an hour of walking and I had more thinning but no more dilation! Seriously so frustrating. So we went home, exhausted. Its been rough to get through all this on my body and chasing Grey. Well actually I don't think chasing him through the day is nearly as bad as sleeping. He wakes up 2931083129 times a night. When he doesn't wake up crying for a few minutes instead he is wide awake for hours. And I mean WIDE awake. Like nothing puts this kid back to sleep. So between him waking up, the contractions waking me up and just being 9 1/2 months pregnant I am no fun in the morning. Sorry Daniel.
Tomorrow we see our doctor and will be scheduling an induction date for next week in the case that I don't naturally kick over into active labor before then. Let's hope I do though. As fed up as I am with all this nonsense of my third trimester I'm still a little nervous about being induced. I know, I'm crazy. Most women would be jumping up and down so happy to be induced but medication of any kind makes me nervous. We shall see what happens! Thankfully I absolutely love love love my doctor and fully trust her opinion. I've never had a doctor I've felt 100% comfortable with until her. I'm happy we'll finally be meeting this sassy little gal soon though! I'll be so very happy when she is in my arms!
So until I can introduce her to you all next week, adios.

How far along: 38 weeks
Gender: Girl
Weight gain: 48 lbs
Sleep: Is that a joke?
Stretch marks: One. The tiniest of all stretch marks to exist.
Missing: Snow.
Cravings: A chicken salad sandwich!


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