London Elyse Ortega

I'm so glad to finally introduce our princess to you all,
Miss London Elyse Ortega.

Born - September 17, 2014 at 4:44 AM.
Weight - 7 lbs 7 oz
Height - 19 1/2 inches
She is just the most precious thing we've ever seen. Of course after her dramatics in utero I assumed she was going to be hard to handle in the outside world. Spoiler alert: SHE IS PERFECT!
Just like Greyson she is really laid back and super calm. She did cry for a long while right after delivery which was different for us since Grey was silent. She grunts and squeaks all day. We love it. I'm completely obsessed with her full head of dark hair!! I hoped for so long that she would have more hair than Grey did and I got more than I thought I would. Brushing a newborn baby girl's hair is easily the cutest thing I've ever done.
Watching her with Daniel is too sweet. She looks even smaller in his arms than anywhere else. He holds her with such love in his eyes. I melt every time I see them together. After she was born and cried on me for a while Daniel took her for some skin to skin time. The moment she laid on his chest she was silent and went right to sleep. Already she loves him. I called that! I tried to capture that sweet moment here..
Both she and Grey sleep so weird on Daniel but I swear they sleep better on him than any other way.
As for how she and Grey have gotten along so far, its adorable. He loves her. And she thinks he's crazy sometimes haha. This kid is not lacking in kisses though! Oh my, Grey kisses her all day long. He constantly wants to hold her too. Now he's insisting on holding her all by himself though. We lay her in his arms/lap and he grabs our hands, moving them away and saying no. He hasn't quite adjusted to her being with momma 24/7 but he's getting there. He's always had me to himself at all times so this is a big shock for him. I, of course, take even more pictures now than I did just of Grey. I can't get enough of the cuteness in this house!
I'll have her birth story up soon, but for now enjoy this glimpse at my camera roll.




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