What's In My Hospital Bag?

Since we have had a few L&D visits already due to these contractions, our hospital bag is ready to go. There's a lot of lists online about what to pack for the hospital. It can get out of control. This being our second time around, I know what we actually need and what I'll really want. I'll explain why for most of them afterward. So here it goes!
We just use my Under Armour bag from forever ago, literally high school, because we already have it and it fits a ton of stuff! There really is no need to run out and buy a hospital bag. You're already spending so much money on everything else, save where you can!

For the baby:
2 Outfits
A Hat
2 Headbands
2 Pairs of Socks
(All not pictured)
For Momma:
Yoga Pants
Loose T-Shirt
Nursing Tank
Nursing Bra
Pillow & Body Pillow

For Daddy:
Camera & Charger
Phone Charger

  For the Big Brother:
A Couple of Outfits
(All not pictured)
Face Wash
Tooth Brushes
Makeup Bag

One thing that doesn't exactly have a category but is really useful is this amazing organizer.
Baby girl's godparents got it for us. You can pick one up at staples though, 
Its totally worth every penny too! You get so much paper work for a baby its hard to keep track of it all. This way we have everything for both kids in one place, neat and safe!

Ok so why these and not the other four hundred items you've read about online? The hospital is going to have most of what you need already. Aside from clothing, well they do give you onsies for the baby but.. they have the necessitates. Although you do not need the twenty outfits and ninety blankets for your baby that all those lists tell you you will. I packed two outfits to make sure I have something to fit her. I have one newborn outfit and one preemie outfit. Greyson was tiny so we're prepared in case she is too, which is very likely. I packed headbands just because they're so cute and I want her to wear one home, a swaddle for Daniel to bring home to Coby with her scent on it before we go home, a blanket and socks to keep her little feet warm on the way home and of course wipes and diapers are essential. For me, a comfortable outfit to go home in, a nursing bra and nursing tank for breastfeeding and a pillow! I know I'll want my pillow this time. The pillows at the hospital are flat, although they'll give you as many pillows as you want trust me when I say every single one will be flat. And a body pillow will make sleeping in that bed for 3 days much easier. Bring your own pillow!
Grey and Daniel don't need too much because they'll be going back and forth between home and the hospital to visit us. Daniel will probably change, shower and all at home but I'll have an outfit just in case. He'll need chargers for all the devices we'll have though. Can't have the camera or phone die on me! And I think we'll have the laptop with us for entertainment, maybe. Greyson on the other hand could have an accident so a few outfits are a must have. Then we need toys, mainly cars, books and snacks to keep him occupied during the downtime. 
Then the toiletries are something that the hospital will have and last time I didn't like showering there. The shower is so small and uncomfortable. I will jump in to rinse my body but there's no need to bring all my shower stuff when I know I won't take a nice long shower until I'm home. They'll provide shampoo, conditioner and body wash so face wash, a brush, our tooth brushes and tooth paste are all I'll need. Deodorant, lotion and makeup are obvious, then I'll need a razor because shaving makes me feel cleaner. I don't know about you but it makes a huge difference for me.
These are my essentials. If there's something amazing that I'm missing let me know!

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