Chalkboard Pumpkin

As you all know, I love everything having to do with chalkboards. It only made sense to have a chalkboard pumpkin too! Not only do I love the look of this but its also perfect for toddlers. Greyson so badly wanted to play with London's Melted Crayon Pumpkin but it was too fragile and I didn't want crayon pieces all over the house. I was thinking about letting him carve his own pumpkin carving a pumpkin with him but its too difficult at this age. Once all the crayons started chipping off of London's we ripped them off, which was a blast for my destructive almost 2 year old, and re-purposed it! Nothing goes to waste in this house!

Although this paint is not very kid friendly, hence not being toxic free, I still let grey help paint it while closely supervising him of course. It really harnessed his energy and he focused on painting it quietly for a good 10 minutes. You can find this paint just about anywhere but we got it at Target almost 3 years ago for about $9. It has lasted for so long and there's still about 1/4 left in the tin. I'm not sure if they still carry this particular brand but I found this one for $7. There's also a spray form of chalkboard paint at home depot for those not so into painting. The paint brush was $1 at Lowes and, like I said earlier, we reused London's pumpkin but those are super cheap at your local grocery store/farms also.
Ok so on to how its done. I probably don't need to explain in too much depth as painting is pretty self explanatory haha. I laid down some newspaper and painted the top and sides first. Let that dry for about an hour outside, that was the quickest way. Then turn it on a side, leaning on the stem, and paint the bottom and rest of the sides you have bare. Let that dry again the same way as before. Then I did a few touch ups and sat it outside again for about 20-30 minutes. Then there you have an adorable chalkboard pumpkin! Greyson has already erased and drawn on it 25 times while I wrote this up for ya. Its perfect for him to be creative in his own festive way! Enjoy!

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