From The Beginning

We're loving every second of being parents of 2! Well, if you don't count from bed time to breakfast that is. Haaha, I'm half joking. Looking back at the pregnancy all the aches and contracting were worth it. I can't believe how my belly stretched so big! Below are photos from week 10 (left) to week 38 (right). Holy belly huh?!

It's amazing what our bodies can do. Just looking at the pictures I'm so surprised my body can stretch like that and not burst! Haha. No but really! We as women are amazing.  Everyone is different but I truly believe that a fit pregnancy is the best pregnancy. I had amazing deliveries with both babes and I swear its from staying active. For example, if you know you're going to run a marathon in 9 months you train for it. You don't just wake up that day and run almost 30 miles and expect its going to be a breeze, right?! In my mind the same goes for birth. You have to train your body, The idea that pregnancy is an excuse to be lazy makes me crazy mad.
Now that we have our sweet baby girl at home I'm looking forward to meeting another. No no we're not trying again just yet!! One of my best friends is expecting and due in a few weeks. Talking to her about her pregnancy we realized after the initial "Oh that's so exciting" usually comes something negative. Something along the lines of "Just wait until they're teenagers, ugh!" "You'll never sleep again" or my personal favorite "Here's my long horrible birth story you didn't want to hear". You'd think we'd be nicer to each other. Ya know, tell the first time mommas we run into a positive memory! I personally make sure to tell pregnant women that labor and delivery is not nearly as awful as they're expecting! Seriously though. Everyone makes it out to be this god awful event that ruined their lives and bodies forever. It is actually wonderful. Tough but wonderful. Its even funnier when a woman with three plus children tells you an awful birth story. My thoughts - couldn't have been that bad if you did it a few more times! Am I right or am I right?
Soon to be mommas, I'm here to fill you in on the good parts. Yes there will be sleepless nights, getting peed on, the crying and countless hours spent nursing and feeling like a glorified cow but it is more than worth it. One of those sleepless nights when you feel like you're going to fall asleep standing up and drop the baby they'll suddenly share their first smile and you'll melt. After you get peed, pooped or thrown up on they'll let out their first laugh and it'll be the sweetest noise you've ever heard. Each day you'll be covered in baby kisses, hugs and snuggles that will simply make you feel like all is right in the world. You've never loved anything like you will that stinky, noisy little raisin of a human. Soon that tiny babe is going to be running around and saying "I love you dude" and "You're a cutie pie mommy" like Greyson does to us and you'll forget it was ever so difficult.
PS you're belly will be normal again I swear!
| Grey (top) & London (bottom) both just a week old. |

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