London's Birth Story

You all know I'd been waiting forever and a day to meet my mini me.
As ready as I was to bring her into this world I was not prepared for the events leading up to delivery. I was about to make dinner for Greyson and I when I had the worst urge to pee. It felt like I hadn't peed all day and for a pregnant woman that would be impossible. I just made it into the bathroom when I felt a huge gush of super warm water fall between my legs. Initially I thought I'd peed myself but ohhh no I still had to go. This gush was not stopping and now I knew it was my water. My bag of waters broke! Yes! Well after attempting to clean up the bathroom floor in the midst of more water leaking out, a toddler trying to 'puddle jump' and a dog trying to lick it up - GAG - I closed the door and just made my phone calls. First I called Daniel's work, of course. Then I called the doctors office. They wanted me to come in for sure. We got ready and headed in!
Ok so I wasn't having regular, strong contractions. I could feel some but they were very inconsistent. They did a few test when we arrived to be sure it was my water that had broken. It was! Although Daniel joked that I just peed and they'd send us home. They'd confirmed my water broke but at this point since my contractions weren't steady if I chose to stay they were going to induce me. Like I said before I did really want to avoid being induced. So I chose to go home and wait til my contractions picked up on their own. The doctor said to come right back the moment I had even a hiccup of a stronger contraction because they didn't want me giving birth on the side of the road. That's literally word for word what she said haha, I can't make this stuff up. Since my labor was so fast with Grey they truly thought I might not make it back if I waited. In the car on the way home I felt them get a bit stronger but not the real tough ones just yet. We got home and I got Grey to sleep while Daniel walked Coby. My contractions were significantly stronger but I was going to try to sleep. Well I couldn't. We went right back to L&D.
I was having a really hard time breathing through my contractions at this point. Daniel was great. He held my hand and talked me through every one. Finally, we got to the hospital and I walked up in tears. It was rough. They set me up with the monitors and things were moving along. My contractions were one minute apart and very strong. I was vomiting a lot. Sorry but its true. I was 4cm dilated, 100% effaced and the baby was at a 0 station. Exactly the same as when I came into deliver Greyson. Everyone napped in the wait for me to fully dilate. Finally I felt such pressure there that I knew something was about to happen. Our nurse, check me and with the most excitement said it was time to get ready to push! I was ecstatic. Greyson was fast asleep on Daniel in the corner so I started pushing without them. This time around I had the mirror so I could see. It was incredible to see her crowning as I pushed. I was working so hard to meet her. She was facing the ceiling during delivery which we heard was difficult. The nurse and doctors said several times how amazed they were with my delivery because most babies facing that way are delivered via C-section. That made me feel great! One big push and her head was out! The cord was wrapped around her neck so they asked me to push a bit quickly. When I did her body came out! That was unexpected but wonderful!! She was here! She was here crying her sweet little cry and sporting a full head of dark hair, but here. Finally. Daniel handed Greyson off to the doctor, still sleeping haha, and cut her cord. He came over and said 'Hi sweetheart' to her and I melted. All of our hard work paid off. And like a cliche love story, we're all living happily ever after..

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