DIY Thing 1 & Thing 2 Costumes

I'm so happy to have made Greyson and London's Halloween costumes. I've always wanted to make my own costume but opted to buy each year instead. I get such satisfaction out of making my own whatever it is then sporting it around town haha. The little things in life, right? I started with a relatively simple costume this year and I'll work my way up to more eventually! The kids look too cute in them I think. I mean, what could possibly be cuter than this?!
For the shirts..
What you'll need:
          Two red shirts
          Dark t-shirt transfer paper
          A printer
          An Iron
          Thing 1 & Thing 2 Logo Templates (I used the first image that came up)

Use the above templates to print the image of both Thing 1 and Thing 2 logos on separate t-shirt transfer paper pieces. I got ours at AC Moore for just $10 for 5 sheets. Once printed let them dry for 30 minutes before you move forward. All the instructions will be on your t-shirt transfer paper box but just in case, this is how I did it. Lay a small Pyrex bowl over each logo and trace the circle. I really wanted to have a perfect circle - thanks to my un-diagnosed OCD - so this was the easiest way. Lay down a pillow case and make sure it is completely flat. This is wear you'll do your ironing. (Box says not to use a glass or ironing board surface). Cut out your logos. Peel off the grid backing and place them on your shirts where you want the logos to be. Once they're where you want them lay your overlay paper on top, completely covering your logo, and iron the logos for about 1 minute in back and forth motions pressing firmly. Let it cool. repeat last step if needed.

For the hair..
What you'll need:
*This step will vary based on materials and your desired look. Depending on the size of the person wearing the costume you might just skip this step as this is for two children.
          A blue adult size wig
          Blue thread
          Red ribbon
Measure child's head - I did this using the wig and pinned where I needed to cut and sew. Measure second child's head with red ribbon. Cut and sew to size for a headband. Using the excess hair you cut off for wig one, put it on the headband and sew in place.

I threw a little tutu together last minute for London. You can check out that tutorial here. Here's the finished products together.
This took way less time than it sounds like. It also was super duper easy! I hope this helps you in making your own! Hope you all had a great Halloween! XOXO

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