Turkey Day 2014

I hope you all had a fabulous Thanksgiving this year! I had to get some pictures of the little ones outfits but you know it was a struggle to get them both to smile at the camera. Check out their mini photo shoot below. We were super lazy all morning here for the most part. We eventually got our act together and drove down to the cape to visit family. The car ride was long which of course called for naps all around! Well except for Daniel, he's always the one driving. Once we got there Greyson was ecstatic! He could not wait to get out of the car to see Aunty Mina. She is his godmother which he absolutely adores. She  is so sweet on him. They both got presents from Grammy. London got her first doll and first Juicy Couture Jumpsuit. I'm a little jealous, duh. Grey got alphabet blocks, the foam ones you can build towers with, a book and legos! There's never a time when our adopted Mina and Grammy don't spoil these kids! That's no exaggeration. We were seriously exhausted from the day once we made it home. We ate a few more desserts, shocker, and went to bed at 830! Best decision we've made in a long time haha. Now we're getting geared up for Christmas. We'll be cutting down our own chistmas tree again in a few days! And I think Grey and I are going to hit the dollar store for some crating supplies so we can make some festive little decorations. I'll share all the details for them soon! Happy holidays!

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