Two Under Two

Let me start by saying having two children under two years old is no joke. My god the first month was rough. Greyson firmly believed mommies are not to be shared, London was convinced screaming for food was the most effective way to get my breasts first and Daniel and I learned just how real the struggle is. Hahaaha. I'm positive we didn't sleep for longer than an hour at a time, if we were that lucky, until now. Things are still crazy but better.
There's some good to share too. I tell Daniel all the time "We make cute babies" and he of course agrees. They're certainly adorable but determined as all hell as well. Greyson is talking more and more, counting, singing saying the alphabet and starting to have actual conversations with us instead of just repeating what we say. When he and I leave to take Coby for a walk he can't close the door without hearing Daniel say I love you too. But just so we're clear it goes a little more like this... Grey: "HEY! I love you dude, I love you, I love you dude." - Me laughing - Daniel: "I love you too dude!", Grey: "Ok. Love you dude bye." I swear this happens every time. It's so darn cute.
London is an over achiever already. From day one she has spent the little bit of time she is awake working on lifting and turning her head, getting up on her elbows and of course flashing us some smiles. I cannot resist her dimples. We definitely did not expect dimples but they are the cutest feature on a newborn, that's a fact. I expected her to be my sidekick and want me all the time but she is an absolute daddy's girl. Any time they cuddle its the best sleep of her life. Oh and they cuddle every single night. That's no exaggeration. For example; Last night both Daniel and I woke up when Grey cried for us and climbed into our bed. Daniel went to turn over and London had wedged herself into his back so warm and snuggly that he had no idea she was there. She didn't even budge when he just turned and spooned her. Ugh. So cute I can't even. Now that London is almost two months old she is awake more during the day and is starting to show her personality. I could ramble forever about her cuteness but you get it!
Having two children so young is definitely a challenge. It is also the most rewarding challenge we've ever faced. No matter how tired, sore or frustrated we may be we love it. Greyson wakes up, stumbles out to the living room to see us, climbs up onto the couch and says 'hi' in the sweetest little tired voice and my heart bursts. London is fussing like crazy then smiles and snuggles up in your neck and you can't help but feel like the most loved human being in the world. I know they'll be such good friends growing up. I would tell everyone to have your kids close together. Its going to be hard but its also going to be amazing.
Until next time, XOXO.

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