Christmas Cards?

Can you believe we are days away from Christmas?! This time of year is always so exciting, and some what stressful if you're still shopping. I definitely started late with our shopping but I got everything done in two trips! I'm going to chalk that up as a success. Tomorrow we're celebrating with family and we'll all exchange gifts! Super exciting! I love that Greyson can really play and interact with his cousins now. He's been asking to see a few of them for a couple weeks now. He's obviously just as excited to get together as we are. Every family has their crazies, and their problems, but I've been fortunate enough to marry into an extremely loving and welcoming family. My husband's aunts, uncles, cousins, etc are always so so sweet. I'm so thankful to be able to spend holidays with family. To kick back, let the kids play and truly enjoy the company of others just as weird and loud as you are is priceless!
Recently I told everyone christmas cards were coming, I LIED. Huge fail on my part this year. Getting the kids dressed, setting a background and forcing smiles from them both was literally mission impossible. I'd figured I could just call it a loss for this year.. Until the other night when we had an impromptu photo shoot with the kids in their matching jammies! I laid them down just to have a picture for us to hang and then this happened! I am in love love love! How stunning are our babies?! So there you have it folks. This year our christmas card is coming to you via la blog! (That's some fabulous Spanglish right there!)
Happy holidays to you and yours!
The Ortgea Family

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