Meeting Santa

Today Greyson and London had their first Santa experience. Granted, Grey did meet Santa at a family party a few weeks back but it was more of a take my gift and walk away kind of deal. I've been telling him about Santa to sort of get him ready for the holiday. He didn't care anyway though. He doesn't quite understand the whole gift giving thing yet. When I told him we would be visiting Santa in the morning his exact response was "No. I want to play with daddy. No tanks Santa." like ah really kid?! He is too cool. London had just been woken up from a nap for this picture, sorry darling!
Since we we're seeing Santa at Jam Time we also got to run wild and play for a while! Upon our arrival Grey couldn't wait to get in the ball pit with all the boys. He spent 90% of our time their riding different vehicles. When he would see a child get off of one he wanted to ride he would literally jump off of his, chuck it behind him and run as fast as his little legs could go over to that new ride. Whilst knocking over anyone in his path. It was just as hilarious as it sounds. He put his hands up in front of a little boy who was heading towards the same construction truck as him like don't even think about it! He means business.

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