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I have been doing some at home workouts and a bit of yoga but this class kicked my ass. Partially because I was pushing myself to keep up with all the other moms that are in great shape already. Let me start from the beginning..
I received an email from Earth's Best giving me a code for 25 points toward their rewards program. This is the brand of baby food we started Greyson on for all of his firsts. Its all organic and cheap! Well they gave me a promo code for the points for coming back to them! Its's been a while since I purchased anything from them just because Greyson is more interested in sharing everything that Daniel and I have instead of anything made specifically for children. You'd think he wouldn't know the difference just yet, right? Me being me, I redeemed the points and checked out what that had listed for rewards right now. There is quite a bit to choose from and also some sweepstakes you can enter to win some cool stuff too. I came across the "One week of FREE Stroller Strides Classes!" and decided it was worth checking out. I haven't done any of these types of classes before. By 'these types' I mean ones where you have your babies with you. You can find out more about the company and all the classes they offer here. Turns out its all about having your kids with you though. It is rather interactive with the children. There were about 5 other moms there other than myself, the instructor and all the little ones of course! The instructor was so sweet and there actually happened to be an instructor in class with her child! You know a program is good when the employees go to it in their free time!
So although your stroller is involved, its not the main focus. This is a total body workout. We did everything from running and abs to tricep work. The class seemed to flow at a good pace and there's no pressure to keep going if you feel you need a break. It was intense but also very fun! We were talking and joking through it all. I'm sure my fellow mommy's can agree just getting to chat is nice after you spend so much time with your rugrats. All in all, I was really impressed and we are going back on Monday morning for another class! I'm definitely interested in checking out some of the other classes too. I really enjoyed myself and my body feels amazing!

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