Adios Stretch Marks!

I thought I'd get away with no stretch marks through London's pregnancy, like I had with Grey's, but I was so so wrong. Girls are not nice to your body. That saying "they're stealing your beauty" yea, that's exactly right. I noticed one stretch mark on my right hip about a week before giving birth. Call me shallow but I was devastated. 'Earning your stripes' is beautiful and all but I'm shooting for "Holy shit! You have x # of kids?! You're so hot!!" Hahah no but really. My husband will love me with or without stretch marks but I want to keep that cute little body I had when we started dating and I'm sure he's ok with that too. Haha. So I'd been checking out Frank Coffee Scrub my whole pregnancy. Frank coffee scrub roasted and ground robusta coffee beans and a mix of oils that targets cellulite, psoriasis, eczema, varicose veins and stretch marks. It literally works miracles. All the sexy girls in their adds kind of sell you on it anyway but it really works! I have suffered from eczema my whole life and varicose veins are a big issue in my family. I literally hate them and I already saw some of them popping up. I wanted to use it for those reasons even if I did skate by without stretch marks. Although as I started to loose the baby weight I realized just how bad my stretch marks were. The were all over both of my hips and from the bottom of my belly to around my belly button. I waited until I was 2 months postpartum to workout at all and I thought then would be a good time to start scrubbing also. I love the coconut coffee scrub simply because coconut oil itself does wonders for the body and it feels amazing on your skin. I swear by this stuff now. They have 4 different kinds and now a body balm for in between scrubs. I scrub every other time (or so) I shower, so between 3 to 4 times a week. I honestly only use it from my knees to my upper abs and occasionally on my face. Its been two months of using it so often and I still have enough for about 4 scrubs. In my opinion it is worth every penny. They range in price from $15-$18 and the body balm is $25 but you get so much for that price. It lasts and works plus its all natural ingredients. You all know how big that is for me. Whatever you put on your body also gets absorbed by it. For a product like this at whole foods you'd easily pay about $40 or more for a much smaller amount. My stretch marks are gone on the front of my belly and so faded (nearly gone) on my hips just from one pack. Here's the pictures to prove it!! You've got to try this stuff!
As for my fitness routine.. It was very very slow in the beginning. I just didn't care to workout at first. I was always exhausted. Daniel started going to the gym all the time so I wanted to go too. We jokingly bet that we could be more attractive than the other and bet on who would have better abs, better calves, etc. We're leos! So naturally I couldn't walk a away from a competition. I start off by stretching, then always warm up with a mile on the treadmill. Running is my stress reliever. Cardio isn't for everyone but it's my happy place. Once I'm done with that I start my total body workout. I'm not trying to target certain areas. For me its just about tightening everything up and building some muscle. Good luck to you all in your fitness journey! I hope it makes you as happy as its made me!


  1. I've never heard of that stuff before but awesome that it works! Keep up the good work hitting the gym!

  2. I've heard of Frank Coffee Scrub and have always wondered what people think of it! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Thanks Diana! Will do!
    It totally lived up to all the hype Jessica!


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