Our Weekend

It snowed Yay! We have been hoping for a lot of snow since November and finally it came! Not to mention the huge storm that will start tonight. We're super excited. Back to our weekend.. Friday was rather uneventful. Daniel worked all day and I spent the day packing. We watched a movie and went to bed. Lame I know. Saturday was amazing though! It snowed non-stop all day. We decided to go over to this field near our house. Coby loves to run free in there and we don't have to worry about Grey wondering into a road when we're there. This was Greyson's first time really playing in a lot of snow and he loved it! He's a huge fan! He learned how to make a snowball and threw his first one!!

Though after exploring what all this cold stuff was he decided it makes for a fabulous snack. Haha. He then ate all he could around him. We caught it on video, priceless! After playing in the snow we came in for lunch, nap time and to get ready to head out. We had to hit the mall so Daniel could get some boots. Note to self: NEVER go to the mall with two children under two without your stroller. I don't know what we were thinking. We survived though! We definitely worked up an appetite so we went out to Not Your Average Joe's in Burlington for dinner. This is one of our favorite restaurants. Its a good spot for families and they always have great food. Their buffalo chicken pizza gives me life. You must try it.
On Sunday, Daniel was working again so we had a play date and down time. I tried to pack some more but I feel like someone was throwing more stuff into our apartment while I was trying to pack. It felt impossible that we could actually own so much.London killed tummy time on her jungle mat. And 10 minutes later passed out from exhaustion.
Anyway, that means here we are on Monday with so much left to pack, missing the weekend, a massive storm coming tomorrow and we have to move Wednesday!


  1. I bet they had so much fun in the snow!
    Looks like so many memories were made! Good Luck with the move!


  2. It was a blast! And thanks, we'll definitely need all the luck we can get! Haha.

  3. Look at all of that snow!!! I live in Houston so we would never see anything like that here, but looks like you guys had a blast. Glad to hear you survived the mall trip! I rarely let Marli out of her stroller when we're at the mall and if I do, it's towards the end when we're ready to go. I know that once she's out, there's no luck trying to put her back in. haha :)

    1. We'll be getting anywhere up to 3 feet of snow tonight through Wednesday Linh! If you're in need of a snow day, you know where to go! Getting them back into their strollers is mission impossible! We learned our lesson this time so the stroller will forever be in the car!

  4. Good luck with the snow! Looks like the littles love it, so I guess there's that :) Stay warm!

  5. ha I love when they fall asleep during tummy time. Mine hated tummy time so it was a nice reprieve from all the screaming. So much snow! I'd love to see Aria's reaction to snow, not so much in FL though.

  6. Thanks Jess! Me too Courtney! I especially love that she works herself out so much that she's in a great deep sleep. Means I don't have to do any work!!


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