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Let me start by saying I hate moving. I actually don't know anyone that doesn't complain about it. Daniel and I have moved three times in the last 4 years. You think we would be super organized moving pros by now but no. I am literally THE worst at packing. I'm not sure why because I am a really organized person but for some reason I cannot pack up my house in an organized manner to save my life. Unpacking though, I've got that down. So this time I asked everyone I knew for some tips because I knew moving with two children and a dog was going to be nightmare unless I had some help. Let me add quickly that these tips will in no way make moving your things enjoyable, that my friends is impossible.

1. Color code your boxes to organize by room.
Choose a different duct tape for each room and put a piece on the outside of the box somewhere. This will make packing and unpacking easier. When your family and friends are helping move your things you can easily say "blue tape goes to the kitchen" or "green goes to the basement" instead of everyone constantly asking where you want everything. You can always make a list with the coordinating rooms for everyone to reference. We chose different animal print tape for fun.

2. Wrap dishes in clothing.
Instead of investing in bubble wrap, save money and time by using your t-shirts, cloth napkins, etc. You'll also be saving tons of space by not having so many more t-shirts to pack! This worked best for us because we have square plates and square bowls so the traditional tip to use paper plates between your plates wouldn't work for us.

3. Throw away what you do not need.
I must have thrown away 5 trash bags full of stuff we didn't need to keep. If you live somewhere for a few years you'll end up acquiring things you don't realize you even have. If you haven't used it in the last 6 months, chances are you don't need to bring it along to the new place.

4. Put trash bags around your hanging clothes to move them as is.
This I thought was genius. You put a trash bag around the bottom of the clothes you want grouped together and pull it all the way up, pull to tighten and cross the handles around the top of the hangers. Saves so much time and space! (See pictures below for reference)

5. Plastic Wrap!
For awkward pieces to pack like mops, brooms, etc. Hold them together and wrap the handles together so it becomes one item! Plastic wrap is also great for toys in small bins and boxes. Just wrap it around a few times and you have packed toys. No need to worry about where all those little pieces will end up during your move.

6. Pack a 'first day' box.
This was mostly toiletries for us. I used these small bins we got from the dollar store and it all fit perfectly. These are things like shampoo, conditioner, body wash, children's bath stuff, hairbrush, etc. Things you know you'll be searching for to get settled in the first night.

PS, get lots of snacks! The kids will need them and you won't want to make anything. WIN WIN.


  1. Great tips! We just moved last week and did most of these, except using towels to wrap the breakable stuff. We got lucky though and the grandparents took my son to Disneyland for two days, and it made life so much easier. I know it's not possible for everyone to send the kids off with grandma for a few days, but I highly recommend it!

    1. Sending the kids away while we moved would've been a dream come true! Lucky you!

  2. Ug moving is awful. Before we I got married and we bought a house I moved like every year. These are great tips. The next time we move, we're planning to just hire people haha.

    1. Agreed! We were just talking with friends and said the same thing! It always seemed like a ridiculous expensive to me but now it suddenly all makes sense. Haha!

  3. This is a great list! My husband and I moved 3000 miles from Oregon to Mississippi a couple years ago when our kids were 5 months and 2. In the next several weeks we'll be moving across town into our forever home and, other than the dread I'm feeling over this last move, the idea of never.moving.again is sooo nice.

    1. Ironically we just moved and my son will be 2 on Saturday and my daughter is 5 months! Too funny! Its a crazy time right? Good luck with the move. At least it'll be your last time packing up!!

  4. Wow. Great tips! I wish I had seen these before I moved back in October. Oh well. I already knew about the trash bags around clothes trick. But we ended up buying that moving wrap stuff from Home Depot when we really should have used clothes.

    Andréa Christine | Eyewear Giveaway!

    1. Its crazy how expensive moving can get right? We almost went to Home Depot for boxes and luckily got some from neighbors instead!


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