Our weekend

Ok ok, we've had enough of this snow already! Although being so close to beating the record for most snowfall is pretty exciting, I must admit. I'm posting this on a Tuesday instead of Monday because our laptop died on me this weekend! I was about to look up some DIY ideas for the house when I turned around and it had just gone black. I'll be sending it out this week to be repaired though so let's hope we don't loose everything on it!
Friday we had a pretty relaxing night. My sister in-law came over for dinner. This seems like it's becoming our thing and I'm pretty happy about it. It's been a long time since we've lived close enough to those we love to do little things like weekly dinners. She caught this picture of London and I die every time I see it!
Saturday was full of sledding and snuggling. Well I should really say trying to sled, haha. The snow isn't exactly sledding quality but Greyson was into it anyway. He would go roughly one foot and then fall off the sled giggling. As long as he had fun it didn't matter!
Sunday my friend Jess visited with her puppy! Our dogs are pretty much besties. They played non stop for 6 hours and then both of them ended up dead on the floor hahah. But seriously.. Coby is so sore he's been struggling to get up, sleeping more and only wanted to go out to pee literally once yesterday! London spent the day mostly sleeping but when awake she was crushing water bottles with her gummy smile. Then giving me the stank face, of course.
Also on Sunday I tried Shakeology for the first time! Do any of you drink it? I'll be honest, I was really excited when I first heard about it and have wanted to try it for a while. I finally had the opportunity to do so and I was disappointed. I tried the vegan line because I'm nursing London. Being that it is an organic meal replacement shake I was stoked because Herbalife is made of absolutely crap. I've heard so many people say how Shakeology has made them feel amazing, stopped sweet cravings, given them more energy, etc. Which Daniel pointed out that people say those same things about every meal replacement shake, diet and so on and so forth that they try. I never noticed that before! Anyway because of so many people I know were having such success I was ready to commit to it. It was chalk like in texture and flavor to me. And the strawberry flavor was actually bubblegum. So I guess it's not for me, but worth a shot!

Back to our weekend, Sunday Daniel and I were so tired we crashed. As for tonight we are getting plans together to build furniture, which I of course will share tutorials on for you all, and watching our shows baby free! Goodnight!

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