Day One

This morning Daniel and I did yoga and I felt how much work I need to do. Yoga is amazing. Every time I try it I'm so happy but I never seem to stick with it. With that said, we decided to go to the canal for a walk which turned into running, sprints, stretching and 4 miles later the whole family needed a nap. As hard as it was physically, otherwise it was wonderful. It is so much nicer exercising, running, doing anything really when you have company. The sunshine, fresh air and quality family time is unbeatable. You're probably wondering where this is going...
Tomorrow officially marks day one of getting fit. For a while we have been going back and forth with, eating healthy and working out and then not working out and eating everything in sight whatever we want. Starting tomorrow we are cutting waaaaay back on sweets, dairy and alcohol. We are going to do this for the entire month of May. I can easily give up alcohol, I've done it for two pregnancies already so its by far the easiest part of the deal here for me. Sweets are all I ever want though and I pretty much top everything I eat with cheese so there's that. Hahha. We're going to go for runs together, we got those big exercise balls for at home workouts, we'll do some yoga (hopefully) and we just got a card in the mail about a gym near our house so we're going to check that out too. I personally feel as though I'm more of a gym person. Workout at home and outside is nice and all but I am easily distracted and need the atmosphere of a gym to get me ready. Anyone else with me?My goal is really to tighten and tone my entire body. I have certain areas that I'd like to focus on a bit more, like everyone else, but my stomach and legs are by far the top two. Below is me pre-pregnancies then 5 months postpartum with Greyson. I'd like to back at either of these places but I truly want to be even better than them. I want to be in the best shape of my life!

As mother's our bodies go through crazy changes. I'm learning to love my new body but pushing it to the limits to be the best it can be also. Have any of you set new goals for the coming month? Share with me! It'll be great to know we're not the only people crying through sprints and dreaming of goodies!


  1. I love working out in a gym. I feel as though you push yourself a little harder because you know someone's watching during their rest. Haha! Good luck, mama!

  2. I love working out outside walking/jogging - I can clear my thoughts there and take in nature at the same time - It's rather relaxing for me. Great post!


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