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Now that I have a girl to dress up with getting ready each day is so much more fun. Granted, most days we play around the house so yoga pants are more my style then but when we do go out we clean up well. For a few months now I've been dying over gold. Gold everything. Whether its decorating the house or getting dressed I want everything white with gold and black touches. Since I have two little ones tearing up everything 24/7 all white everything is just never going to happen and I need to accept it. BUT I can get away with it for outfits here and there! London is much easier to keep clean so I have more control with my current color obsession in her wardrobe. Greyson is a lost cause.
Boy: (n) A noise with dirt on it.
I constantly see tons of fashion bloggers posting super cute outfits yet when I check out where to buy the pieces they are always ridiculously expensive. I'm all about saving money and looking good. Simplicity is key also. I need something easy for myself to throw on quickly in the morning that I can dress up for nights out with the hubby too. This jersey dress is so cute and comfortable. Depending on your shoes and accessories you could wear it literally anywhere. More then likely I'd pair a simple thin gold necklace and small earrings with this. I've had these nude flats for months now and they match everything I put on, are easy to slip on and um they're on sale so you need to get them now. I love love these sunglasses too! I've never worn this particular style but I think they're so cute. I've had my eye on a pair at Marshalls but you can't beat the price of these ones. Now for London's outfit.. a basic white onesie can be worn a million times and these are on sale at OldNavy right now. Not to self: stock up. This skirt! AHHH! I want it in my size too! There's no doubt Janie and Jack absolutely has cutest outfits for your littles. They are pricey though. If you can catch their sales at the right time you find gems like this. And can we talk about these Michael Kors Sandals?! They're so darn cute. I know if London could talk she'd tell me she loves them too. I found them online for you but they are $14 at Marshalls if you want to save a little more money and shop a bit. All links are below!


  1. Gold is great, especially gold glitter lol. I like old navy too. When I fall in love with something I see on someones blog and it turns out to be too expensive - i die a little inside lol

  2. Amen sister!! I'm a fashion lady on a budget!! I looooove gold this year. My sister and I cannot get enough! Lucky her she can pair it with white, I have pets a babe and husband so there is no white allowed in my house! Hahaha

  3. That black and gold skirt is adorable! I love those tiny sandals too... =)

  4. You have found great looks here & great bargains. Thanks for sharing your fashion.


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