Forever Thankful

Happy Belated Thanksgiving! For the first time ever we cooked thanksgiving dinner at home. (Oh and by we, I really mean Daniel cooked and I got ready for the day) It turned out to be amazing! The kids napped, Daniel and I got to be a little lazy and everyone's loving pie and ice cream now! Overall I'd call it an absolute success. There was lots of clean up to do after we ate but I'll take that over traveling with little ones while I feel super full and extra lazy any day. Did anyone else eat three full plates with all the fixings, or just me? I'm not ashamed. Haha.

I'm most thankful for these sweet babes. They make my world go round. They are the craziest, cutest, most hilarious pair of tiny humans. And of course I'm so very thankful for my amazing husband, whom is usually the one behind the camera so check out this smokin' shot. All the heart eyes!
Check out more of his work on Instagram - @the.visual.collective

As we're heading for Christmas now, in what feels like hyper speed, I'm getting all teary eyed and sappy about how much I love these people. Daniel and I find ourselves talking about how much we love our children every night. We're constantly reminiscing on past times and the hilarious things they do. We have agreed we'll have 100 children. (The number isn't a definite, don't worry. Haha) Seriously though, I cannot wait to see the kids' eyes light up when they see presents under the tree Christmas morning, or to cut down and decorate our tree this year!
I hope you had an incredible turkey day. What are you thankful for this year? Did you start any new traditions? Oh and have you started any Christmas shopping yet?! Keep an eye out for our Christmas wishlist and winter favorites!


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